Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FIRE & ICE Bracelets: Team Jacob or Team Edward?

I'd like to welcome back Jennifer, the designer of Bella's Bracelet on eclipsebracelet.com and her newest Twilight jewelery adventure...

Introducing The FIRE & ICE BRACELETS!

Are you Team JACOB or Team EDWARD ?

Eclipse-Inspired Charm Bracelets

• 7″ Sterling Silver figure eight charm bracelet with 2″ extender chain
• 14mm Swarovski Crystal heart with complementing Swarovski Crystal beads
• Sterling silver pendant bail fitting for a more polished look
• Strong Lobster Clasp
• Packaged in a felt-lined black gift box tied with a red ribbon

Jennifer is ONLY accepting pre-orders until August 28th, so SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! To order your own FIRE or ICE bracelet, go to Jennifer's site today!


  1. Very pretty. I think I like the Ice one better... Wish there was a Fire & Ice one for those of us who are team Switzerland!!

  2. whatever, I am team emmet.


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