Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful Darkness Teaser Trailer

I am so very intrigued by those images flashing throughout the teaser! The first time I saw the trailer I missed them completely, make sure you are watching closely the next time you watch it!

Watch to see where the next teaser premieres next Wednesday at 5:30 PM , PST.

These are NOT traditional teaser trailers (those will come later). This is a unique series that will culminate in a message at the end of the last teaser. The teasers themselves are also full of hidden images that are not easy to catch the first time you see them. It’s not easy!

You can see all the Teaser Trailers as they are revealed on the Caster Chronicles: Enter the Darkness page.

Want to win an exclusive BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS keychain?

Check out the rules and regulations here.

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