Monday, August 30, 2010

Guest Post: Kristie Cook

I would like to welcome Kristie Cook to my blog today! Kristie is the debut author of the incredible Soul Savers series with the first book Promise. While attending an elementary school for gifted and prodigy children, Kristie wrote her first urban fantasy story. And although she was considered to be just average in her school she aced the creative writing assignment with an A+, giving her the confidence to follow her dream of becoming a writer. To learn more about Kristie, visit her website. You can read my review of Promise here.

What to Expect…

First, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Amy for hosting me and for reading and reviewing Promise. Amy won a copy of Promise during the virtual release party on my blog. She made me laugh when I really needed it and I’m forever grateful for that. Anyway, onto the post…

I’ve said it many times – across the blogosphere, in articles and in conversation – that Promise serves as a sort of prologue for the rest of the Soul Savers series. It starts 9 years ago, where the rest of the series picks up in present day, and it gives the back-story of Alexis and Tristan, allowing us to learn how she arrived at where she is today – to where Purpose, the second book, starts.

In Promise, Alexis is relatively normal, Tristan is not and she is learning more about herself, him, their heritage and their future. But she doesn’t get to learn everything right now. She must go through this enigmatic change, called the Ang’dora (angels’ gift), to become more like her mother and Tristan, before she can possibly understand it all.

So, Promise is primarily about their love story and everything Alexis and Tristan have to overcome to be together. There are some “creatures” in it, but Alexis doesn’t know exactly what they are. We see signs of the supernatural and might, based on her descriptions of fights and battles, be able to figure out who – or should I say “what” – these characters are. But we’re still left pretty much in the dark about them, especially about Alexis and Tristan.

That begins to change in Purpose. The supernatch creatures we love start showing up. A vampire makes an appearance in the first chapter. Other creatures expose themselves, too – Weres, witches, wizards, warlocks, etc. (in more ways than one! Ha!). We learn in Promise – even from the blurb on the back of the book – that Alexis’ family and secret society serve as the Angels’ Army on Earth. So, naturally, everyone asks if she’s an angel. I won’t answer that yet – that’s part of the fun of the first two books, trying to figure out what she is – but I can say that there are angels in the series. As well as fairies, sorcerers, mermaids, spirits and many other so-called mythical creatures.

In my world, just about every myth and legend is based on truth. The creatures that just can’t possibly be real are very real, most of them created by the fallen angels. The Angels’ Army must protect the souls of these creations, as well as humans being targeted by the demons. The Soul Savers series tells the story of Alexis' rise to becoming the leader of this army, as well as the epic war for human souls.

So what can you expect in the rest of the series that you just get a brief taste of in Promise? Well…more battles, more powers and abilities, more secrets and explanations…and many more creatures. And, of course, lots of surprises. Check out Promise to see how Alexis’ story begins, then stay tuned for the real fun to take off.

Thank you Kristie for being here today and thank you for choosing me as the winner of Promise, I'm so glad I could make you laugh!


  1. Thank you for the interesting guestpost!

  2. I just started Promise last night, so it was cool to read a guest post from the author. Thanks for sharing!


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