Saturday, August 21, 2010

Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker

Veil of Shadows:
With demons running amok throughout the forests and mountains, a rebel army has been established to win back the land--and a new soldier has appeared out of nowhere to join them. His name is Xan, and his past is a mystery to everyone, including Laisyn Caar--a beautiful captain in the rebel army--who is shocked by the powerful, all-consuming desire she feels in his presence. But now isn't the time for distraction. The future of her land--and of her people--is in her hands. On top of that, she's been stripped of her magic--and without it she feels like part of her soul has been stolen away.

But when she discovers the dark secrets of Xan's agenda, it will be up to her to determine whether the man she's starting to love is a friend of her people--or a dreaded enemy...

I loved every moment of this book by Shiloh Walker, a story in the science fiction field that crosses into romance, filled with action there was never a dull moment in this continuation of the ongoing war we were first introduced to in Through the Veil. Laisyn Carr and Xan must find a way to trust one another and push the boundaries of their own beliefs to be together and stay that way after all the truths are revealed...

In a war-torn world nearly destroyed by the demon attacks and Warlord raids (outworlders able to cross into this world using magical Gates, and stealing the worlds women for the survival of their own race). A rebel army--forgotten by the rest of the world--fights for the freedom of their people. Laisyn Carr, also known as Syn, a leader in the rebel army, is a woman with a troubled past. And she uses that anger and fear to be a strong leader and fight against the very Warlords that stole her mother in a raid right in front of her when she was a child. Xan is a man thought to be a refugee who arrives at the rebel camp to help fight in the army. Only there is more to this scarred, hard warrior than meets the eye. Immediately Syn finds herself attracted to the stranger and he feels the same for the petite Captain. Fighting side by side as they try to defeat the demons and Warlords now trapped on this side of the gate, their attraction builds and unable to resist one another they come together in passion that rivals any they had known before.

Outnumbered by demons, a small contingent of fighters from the rebel army is aided by a Warlord claiming to have defected from the other Warlords. Not trusting him to go free, the rebels take him back to camp, where they are met with hostility by the other members of the army. For reasons Syn can't explain or understand, she feels that the mysterious Warlord means the rebel army no harm. And as his identity is revealed, so is Xan's. Syn must learn to look beyond his past and remember that he has been the man fighting at her side, the man that broke through her defenses and penetrated her heart, changing her from warrior to woman.


  1. Thanks for the review Amy... glad you enjoyed it! :O)

  2. Hi! You've won an award over at my blog; come and check it out!

  3. I skipped over the review for now because I am starting this one soon...but glad you liked it :)


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