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Terry Spear Guest Post & Giveaway

I would like to welcome Terry Spear as the first author to guest post on my blog!

About the Author:
Terry Spear is an award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historical romantic suspense,Heart of the Wolf named in Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR, NOR Reader Choice for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE.
Terry Spear also writes true stories for adult and young adult audiences. She’s a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has an MBA from Monmouth University and a Bachelors in Business and Distinguished Military Graduate of West Texas A & M. She also creates award-winning teddy bears, Wilde & Woolly Bears, to include personalized bears designed to commemorate authors’ books. When she’s not writing or making bears, she’s teaching online writing courses.
Originally from California, she has lived in eight states and now resides in the heart of Texas. She is the award-winning author of the Sourcebooks Casablanca werewolf romance series:Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf, To Tempt the Wolf, Legend of the White Wolf,Seduced by the Wolf (2010), Wolf Fever(2010), Heart of the Highland Wolf (2011),Dreaming of the Wolf (2011), and the medieval romance series: Winning the Highlander’s Heart, The Accidental Highland Hero (2010); Deadly Liaisons, The Vampire…In My Dreams (young adult), Deidre's Secret(young adult), and numerous articles and short stories for magazines.

About her latest release, Seduced by the Wolf:
His first priority is to protect his pack...
Werewolf pack leader Leidolf Wildhaven has just taken over a demoralized pack. With rogue wolves on the loose causing havoc and the authorities from the zoo suddenly zeroing in on the local wolf population, the last thing he needs in his territory is a do-gooder female, no matter how beautiful and enticing she is...
She'll do anything to help wolves...
Biologist Cassie Roux has dedicated her life to protecting wolves in the wild. On a desperate mission to help a she-wolf with newborn pups, the last thing Cassie needs right now is a nosy and entirely too attractive werewolf pack leader trying to track her down...
With rogue wolves and hunters threatening at every turn, Cassie and Leidolf may find their attraction the most dangerous force of all...

Hot Recipes for Cold Nights and Hotter Dates!

Thanks so much to A Simple Love of Reading, for having me here today!!!
I was creating another recipe blog for a different guest author blog, and thinking how much fun it was. For one thing, food can either be something that the characters have to eat, just like they have to sleep sometime during the day or night, or shower, or dress—all those have to do things that can be skipped over, if not all that important—or it can be important.
My daughter and mother told me in two separate books how I had not allowed my poor characters any meals for a couple of days. To me, meals just were time wasters. I wanted the romance, the action, the thrills…and my poor characters were wasting away. They didn’t know it, but apparently my early readers did.
Now, adding in meals had to be important though. So I’ve enjoyed making meal times either sexy, conflictive, or just plain fun.
I’ve included one of my favorite recipes down below, and this was in To Tempt the Wolf, an excerpt shown:

Tessa pulled out a package of hot links. “Can everyone manage spaghetti with hot sausage, bell peppers, and onions?”

“Hmm, sounds good to me,” Cara said, licking her lips while she bandaged Ashton’s hand with tender loving care. He tried to jerk his hand away, but she held on tight and tsked.

“Anything you fix is fine with us.” Hunter’s tone of voice was terse.

There is a lot going on in this scene. Tessa doesn’t want Cara to even be there, and she’s the only one who is really happy about being there for the meal. Tension is building for several of the characters. It was a fun scene and a lot more fun than if I’d just made the meal and everyone ate it.

Hot Spicy Spaghetti for Cold Nights and Hot Dates!
By Terry Spear

1 Green, Yellow, Red Bell Pepper (or package of frozen sliced fajita mix of bell peppers)
1 Onion
5 large mushrooms
16 oz Can of Tomato Sauce
1 Package of Hot Sausages (mild variety if preferred, and I always get the fully cooked for safety sake)
1 Tsp of Garlic Salt (or 1 clove of fresh garlic)
1 Tsp of Oregano

Combine all ingredients and cook until peppers and mushrooms are tender, and sausage is thoroughly heated.

Add to cooked needles (spinach noodles are fun for Christmas, or wheat for an added health benefit), top with grated cheese, and you’ve got a hot meal for an even hotter date! And leftovers are great too!

The neat thing about this meal, is you can substitute at will. I added artichokes for some variety. If I have fresh tomatoes, I’ll throw some of those in. My son doesn’t like the really spicy sausage, so I fix mild for him.

My aunt was the first one who introduced me to this meal. She served it with champagne! But red wine will do.

And in Seduced by the Wolf—Leidolf takes Cassie on a date. He’s having a REALLY hard time convincing her to go though, and first thinks maybe he can talk her into fast food, just so he can stay with her a while longer. But he REALLY doesn’t want to take her to just a fast food place, so he decides to take her to a werewolf run restaurant. I wanted to really have fun with this, because she’s trying to keep him from knowing she’s a werewolf, and now she’s in a wolves’ den of sorts—a restaurant that makes the patron feel as though they are in a forest world. I’ve been to themed restaurants that have been really a lot of fun, so I wanted to do that here.

So she’s in a restaurant packed with wolves, and she’s really trying hard not to appear wolfish—like ordering a vegetarian meal. But when she sees Leidolf’s tenderloin, she’s dying to have a bite. And he notices!

So what’s a guy to do who’s dying to get on her good side?

Yep, meals can be sexy, and hot, and just plain fun. Thanks again for having me here today!

And to readers, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!! If you had a hot date, would spicy spaghetti sound like something you’d enjoy serving? Or some tantalizing version? Do meals served in books make you hungry too?

~ Terry Spear
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

Latest News!!!
Two more wolf titles to Sourcebooks -
The Highland Wolf in Paradise & The Wolf and the SEAL
Release date-TBD

Thank you for being here today Terry! I can't wait for more of your amazing wolves!

Terry has generously offered a winner's choice *SIGNED* book! Entering is easy! Here's what you have to do:

- You must be a follower in order to qualify to win (let me know in your comment).

- Answer one or all of Terry's questions.

- Leave a valid email so I can contact you if you win!

- Contest ends Tuesday August 24th, 2010 12AM EST.

Spreading the word does not count for extra points, but I do appreciate your help!


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  1. Do meals served in books make you hungry too?

    A: Yes, but it also depends on whether I like that food or not. If someones eating something with tomatoes I can pass.

    crazy_canadian_chick37 at hotmail dot com

  2. I am so hungry now! Anytime a character talks about food, i get hungry. Actually I get excited anytime I see food.....huh. Anyway, I would definetely make that spicy spaghetti!

    xnzkisha17 at yahoo dot com

  3. Hot Spicy Spagetti sounds great for a hot Date as long as you don't get it on you.
    I'm a follower via GFC

  4. Just me 37, Yes, I agree. If it's something that really doesn't appeal, it won't make me hungry!

    baddict17, enjoy the spicy spaghetti! It's delicious!

    LOL, Stacey. Yes...you have to be careful! :) Hmm, or not. Just think if you got it on you and he's helping to get it off you and... hmmm....

    Thanks for having me today, Amy!!!

  5. Awesome contest, Amy! And thanks for the book, Terry!

    I wouldn't be serving spicy spaghetti during a hot date just because spicy-ness may... mix up the tummy a little, haha. Don't want anything funny going on if you're looking to... ya know, play later. haha!! But I've been with my man for five years, so now I'm over all that and I'd serve him spicy spaghetti. It sounds delicious! hehe.

    And yes, the meals served in books does make me hungry!

    rexreadingrobot at gmail dot com

  6. Hey, Rex, I understand. On a new date, you could substitute something milder, but then things heat up and get much more spicy afterward!!! :) Enjoy the books and spaghet!

  7. Meals in books totally make me hungry. There are so authors who make my mouth absolutely WATER because they describe the food so incredible. I can't read those when I'm hunry. *blush*
    I'm a follower

  8. I might have loved spicy spaghetti in my younger days. Now, just the thought of spicy and pasta gives me indigestion. :) As far as other foods in books, definitely. Chocolate baked goods and cheesecake totally does me in. Oh my gosh, just typing this gives me cravings. Thanks a lot for putting a chink in my night! We don't have chocolate or cheesecake in the house. :( Then again, maybe that's a good thing. :)

    I really enjoyed the first two books in Ms. Spear's Heart of the Wolf series. I've wanted to try out the third one or maybe even one of the books under Terry Lee Wilde.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.


  9. Terry,
    I love this Saucy Recipe.
    But I'd like to serve my wolf breakfast in Bed. Have you?
    So I'm hurying to fix him my Peanut Butter French Toast. And maybe a few Chocolate Chips, got have some (Mufa's) and Whipped Cream. Toss a few Strawberries on Let's the fun begin.

  10. Cat (yep, me again)August 17, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    Hi Terry!

    The recipe sounds great and I'm with you on that one answer about dropping food on yourself - would it be a total accident? Not so sure!

    Love books with food, and there is an author out there that includes recipes that are described in the story. Kind of a twofer! This recipe sounds great but think I might make it with half mild, half spicy-think that would work?

    Let's not forget dessert tho, maybe some dark chocolate? Yummy and good for you....:)

    Loving your books and would love winning one I don't have yet!

    Looking forward to all those books and stories that are coming up!

  11. Great post and that recipe sounds good.
    I'd have the hot and spicy spaghetti on a date but with very little garlic :)
    I don't get hungry while reading books.Maybe hungry for the hero though..lol.

    I am a follower

  12. Terry,

    I'm so very happy to welcome you to my little spot here on the web!

    Sorry I haven't been around today...I had to sort out our car rental debacle! I can officially say, that if I knew how much trouble this would have caused, I would have left the stupid dent in the car! (And it wasn't even our fault!)

  13. Spicy spaghetti sounds amazing and I just finished a big meal? Pleas include bread sticks. This post made me hungry. Seriously, tummy just growled!

    I am a follower.
    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  14. LOL, Nicole. Now that's just not right for an author to make you so hungry that...hmm, if they don't watch out, you'll put the book aside to go get something to eat! LOL :)

    Thanks, Reena, for enjoying my books. Okay, you can substitute any kind of meat, really, for the hot sausage. My daughter likes mild, and my son, too, but a different brand. So I'd cook everyone's sausage separately and pour the marinara sauce over individual dishes. I know. I'm a softy when it comes to trying to please everyone! Now...when you mentioned chocolate and cheesecake, I'm thinking: Chocolate cheesecake! Hmm-hm!

    Oh, Donna, your wolf has to be in Seventh Heaven!!! You do manage to get the whip cream on the plate, don't you? :) You don't have to answer that. I already know the answer! :)

    Oh, yes, Cat, any combination of meat will work. Whatever your taste buds desire. And yes, getting food where it isn't supposed to be is totally by accident, I'm sure... And getting it off in unusual ways is too. LOL :) Thanks for loving my stories!!! I have to say it's fans comments that make me want to write more!

    Elaing8, lol on the garlic. Hmmm, is there a hint of vampirism here? I'm not asking why else you wouldn't want to eat garlic. My dad used to eat raw onions and my mom would refuse to kiss him. So he'd chase her around the house trying to give her a kiss, and we'd laugh hysterically. We had a fun family!

    Do you see where I get my odd sense of humor? Definitely from my dad!

    Hi, Amy! I'm thrilled to be here! I was at work all day, so am back! Ack on the car dent. How awful. I hope you get it all straightened out to your satisfaction!

    Oh, yes, breadsticks would be great with the spaghetti, Robin K. Now, for elaing's sensibility, we could leave off the garlic, although, it sure would be good. LOL :)

  15. Awesome guest Post Terry! Im a huge fan of your books =)))


  16. I like spicey food, but I wouldn't recommend it for a date. Makes some people gassy. I would hate to think of someone farting during thier date...Thankfully, I can get away with it, I am already married...so I guess it's expected. :D Then again, if I was with a hot hunk of burning love, I would probably be wanting to eat just the meat...Don't tell my husband. :P

  17. Lori, my grandmother went on a date with my grandfather in a horse drawn open buggy in winter and bundled. It was a kind of fooling around in public under blankets in the cold. Couldn't do too much, but just enough to make a date fun. But she said the worst part was when the horse had gas in the frigid air. LOL Sort of took the romantic aspect out of the equation! :)

  18. Woohoo, thanks so much, Larissa of a Bookish Life! I'm thrilled you're loving the books! Thanks!

  19. gosh, forgot to leave my email address yesterday!!!


  20. Oh my gosh I love the recipe!
    Meals in books make he hungry sometimes, except when it is where a crazed person is caught eating out entrails of a person or somewhat, then that kinda takes the edge off hunger ;)
    I'd serve the spicy sausages but not mention what book I was reading about some hot meat to him in the meantime.

  21. Enjoy the recipe and the hot date, Teril! :)

  22. oh the spagitti looks good but i can't eat spicy foodbut meals in books always make me hungry


  23. Thanks for the recipe - please enter me - thanks for hosting!


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