Thursday, August 26, 2010

Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman

Charming the Highlander:
A feisty beauty tempted by a bold highlander's touch...When a plane crash strands brilliant scientist Grace Sutter on an icy mountaintop in Maine, she finds herself alone in the wilderness with the only other surviving passenger -- Greylen MacKeage,a sexy, medieval warrior who's been tossed through time to find the woman he's destined to love. Forced together to survive the harsh, wintry landscape, neither expects the fierce passion that flares between them. But Grace is not used to letting her heart take control, and Greylen will settle for nothing less than her heart's surrender....

Charming the Highlander is the first book in Janet Chapman's Highlander series, a group of nine Scottish warriors are thrown through time eight hundred years into the future. Waiting for the warriors in the future is an old priest who helps the warriors adjust to their new lives in modern times, and he's holding secrets, like why Greylen and his men were brought through time, and secrets that will change all of their lives forever. Although I found the start of this book to be a little slow, once the story got moving, I found that I couldn't put the book down. After making a promise to her sister Grace is returning to her childhood home that she hasn't seen in nine years. In the beginning it seems that Grace's no-non-sense, mathematical brain gets in the way of her feelings and inhibits her from seeing anything in life besides numbers and practicality. But that all changes when her only hope for survival after the plane crash lies in a man she doesn't even know, and her willingness to give him her trust. The bond that Grace and Greylen form in the moments after the crash is only a prelude to their budding relationship throughout the rest of the book. Without telling her, Jonathan, Grace's boss sells her experiment and life's work in an act of desperation in order to keep his business from going bankrupt. As is that weren't bad enough, the deal is made with some shady characters and they are willing to turn her life's work of finding a viable power source into a weapon of mass destruction. After refusing to help Jonathan further the project Grace is kidnapped and trapped in the terrible ice storm that has been raging over the mountain for days. In her heart Grace knows that Greylen will come for her, but mother nature is working against them.

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