Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (7)

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader, in which we swoon over boys in books!
(I--as in me, Amy--don't like to use commercial photos, I like to use the authors' descriptions and my imagination.)

Henry Fitzroy
Book: Blood Price by Tanya Huff
Series: Blood Ties

The illegitimate son of Henry VIII, a four hundred and fifty year old vampire who writes romance novels; and he has great knowledge of his subject matter. Hazel eyes, strawberry-blond hair, not really all that tall, a face that is considered broad, but not in the least bit fat, and his mouth holds just the smallest hint of a cupids bow. His protective instincts make him irresistible; he is definitely someone you want fighting on your side while battling the evil beings that plague the city in which you live.


Henry heard her heart speed up and his sensitive nose caught a new scent. He hadn't fed for forty-eight hours and he would need to soon. If she wants me, it would be foolish to deny her.... Having long since outgrown the need to prove himself by forcing the issue -- he knew he could take what he wanted -- he would allow her to make the first move. And what of vows to stay uninvolved until after the demon has been dealt with? Well, some vows were made to be broken.

She couldn't see him smile, but she heard the laugh then felt the cool pressure of his fingers around her hand. "Do you believe in destiny?" he asked.


  1. A vampire who writes romance novels! Whoa! I'm sure he would be an expert. Thanks for introducing me to Henry. Now I'm curious to know more.

  2. I think I saw the pilot of this show. I had no idea it was a book! I love the fact that he writes romance novels. Super funny! And I like this meme. I'll have to start doing it. :)

  3. Ohhhh I thin I would like this book, I've never heard of it before so I'm glad you featured it! Kind of a fan of Henry after reading your post, not gonna lie:)


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