Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lunarmorte by Samantha Young

Amidst the magikal children of the ancient Greek gods, lives a girl destined to bring their ancient war to an end.

Caia Ribeiro has lived a life of isolation and mystery since the death of her parents, and separation from her lykan pack at the age of seven. Returning ten years later under the supervision of the pack's young leader, Lucien, Caia finds herself seduced by pack life and her enigmatic guardian. But when strange happenings lead to near exposure of their world, Caia begins to realize Lucien and the Elders have been keeping unforgivable secrets, leaving Caia to come to terms with her dark and unique heritage.

Scarcely given time to adjust to her new reality, the war she believed stormed only on distant shores, crashes on her doorstep, forcing Caia to put aside her conflict with Lucien, in order to save them all from an old enemy and his relentless pursuit.

*Lunarmorte is the original version of the heavily revised novel
Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of Lunarmorte.

This was an incredibly unique story that is deeply entwined with Greek mythology. Samantha Young's characters were incredibly deep and full of emotion, and the friendships built are those that would last a lifetime. I found that the history of the war between paranormals was thoroughly detailed, leaving you rooting for the "good guys". Despite its somewhat choppy execution and mind-numbingly over-use of the word "whilst", I loved this book from start to finish. Caia has little to no memories of her childhood, and for ten years she and another female lycan from her pack have been on the run. Now suddenly the Alpha has called for their return, and Caia knows next to nothing of pack politics. Thrust into her new life with the pack is scary and confusing, but even worse are the secrets the Alpha and Elders of the pack are keeping from her. The romantic tension between Caia and Lucien builds as their time together passes, and Lucien seeks to protect her from the growing threat of her heritage. Caia's trust in Lucien is broken when the truth is revealed, and when she discovers just how truly bound to the pack she is, Caia feels betrayed and her heart finds it difficult to forgive. When Caia realizes her new best friend, Jaeden, has been kidnapped, she is devastated to find her missing at the hands of a truly evil warlock, and is determined to be a member of the rescue party. Things go terribly wrong on the recovery mission and a member of the pack is lost. Caia is left with the life-changing decision she must make; leave the pack to help fight the bigger war, or stay to protect the new family she loves.

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  1. What a wonderfully detailed, honest review! I'm very intrigued by the mythology tie-ins, as mythology is one of my big interests! This one is going on my wishlist!


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