Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Random Recommendation (41)

I invite and welcome anyone interested in participating to post their own "Random Recommendation" (original post) on their blog (and include a link back to this blog) and join in the fun! Some books might not be very recent reads, but I hope that just helps these (sometimes forgotten) books earn a spot on your own bookshelf!

Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon:
First Published: April 2004

Wulf is an ancient Viking warrior with a useful but extremely aggravating power-amnesia. No one who meets him in person can remember him 5 minutes later. It makes it easy to have one-night stands, but hard to have a meaningful relationship, and without true love he can never regain his soul.

When he finally meets Cassandra, the one woman who can remember him, she turns out to be the princess of the cursed race he's sworn to hunt-and forbidden to him. The two of them must face ancient curses, prophecies, and the direct meddling of the Greek gods to find true happiness at last.

Out of all the Dark-Hunter books, this one made my bawl the hardest. The only other books by Sherrilyn I cried through were Devil May Cry and Acheron, but nothing near what this book put me through. This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster as we follow Wulf and Cassandra's journey together. Cassandra is a member of a cursed race and her eminent death is coming too quickly. She just met and fell in love with Wulf and now they must begin preparing themselves to say goodbye.

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