Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Jackie of Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories

Today I welcome my first Guest Blogger, Jackie of Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories! Put down your bags, pull up a chair and tell me a story!

What a Texas housewife does for entertainment.....

First off just let me say thank you to Amy for inviting me to guest post, my very first one and hope it is not too dull!

My name is Jackie and as you can see my greatest pleasure in life is my pets, the "boys" are Nikki and Blade. My eleven year old Chihuahua and my 6 year old Tom Cat!

This young lady is my 7 year old Tabby cat Munequa, the true "Queen of the House" and my husband's favorite "sparring partner" !

When I am not playing with my pets I can be found in my recliner with a book in my hand, on my computer working on blog posts are reading others posts and laughing or doing housework on and off during the day...

My favorite time of year is spring and early summer when I can work in the yard.

I am the one who gets to mow, weed eat and then clean up the mess after for 7 months or more a year... Unfortunately these last two years my back has not wanted to cooperate so the yard work is not as easy or enjoyable as it used to be!

On weekends we tend to run errands, hit a movie if one is out we want to see locally and of course go out to Chili's to eat at least once!

My all time favorite hobby though other than reading, eating out, going to see a good action flick is my craft work. I have a passion for cross-stitch and crochet, the cross-stitch has been put on hold for the last 21/2 years as my right eye has a cataract and it has made it impossible for me to work on my stitching for any length of time... Here are some of the items I love to look at that I did few years ago now!


My favorite subjects are woodland creatures, and my most prized piece does not photograph well but it is an 11"X14" framed Indian War Pony that took me months to do and is my favorite of all!

Anyway thanks again Amy and hopefully someone will stop by and enjoy a little glimpse into the very laid back things that make me smile!

Thank you, Jackie for being my first Guest Blogger! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Jackie a little better!


  1. Hi Jackie! Great Post. Nikki and Blade seem to get along really well. What about Munequa?

  2. Hi Jackie! I like the cross-stitching, I tired it and never could get it right. I really like that fourth picture, you look great.

    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. Amy sorry I am late... I am happy to be your first guest post and hope your weekend has been going well!

    Mina Munequa and Nikki are best buds, Munequa and Blade are bitter enemies!

    Laurie hopefully will get to work on some more cross-stitch soon... The fourth picture was this summer when had some yard work mojo going!

  4. I've tried my hand at cross stitch but I just don't have the patience for big works like yours! They look fab! :)

  5. Thanks Mel, most of the items I do are small... I have only accomplished a couple of the larger ones and actually finished them and framed...

    I love to crochet also but in last couple of years have not been doing much of my crafting but reading instead...

  6. Hey! I didn't know you did cross stitch work. I admire you 'cause I don't have the patience for such detailed activity. Your samples are really lovely and I especially love the bunny ones and the middle one with the little dog and is that a large cat? LOL...

    Of course, I always enjoy pics of your furry family cool...

  7. Hi, Jackie...came over when I visited your blog from Cheryl's Sunday Shining Star. This is a fun post and super idea, Amy! How I wish I could still cross stitch but too much on these old eyes! Have a good week, ya'll!

  8. June thanks, yes it is a Cat and Dog together and one of my favorite stitching projects that have done...

    Karen thanks for stopping by, cross-stitch was a very longed for craft that a friend taught me in the early 90's...

  9. Love the 4 legged family members! Oh and that cross stitch looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Great post, Jackie! Love the pets. They are too cute.

  11. Hey Jackie! Wonderful post, and those little four-legged friends are adorable. :) We have three of our own. 2 German Shepard puppies of 5 months, and 1 cat of about 8 yrs. :)

    Oh, and Chili's! Love that place.

  12. Wow Jackie.. Your cross stitch work looks awesome! and your pets are just so darn HUGGABLE!

    You are seriously MULTI TALENTED :)

  13. Amy, Thanks for having Jackie... Glad I came across your blog!

  14. Melissa Thank you, my creating with thread is fun and a good stress reliever...

    Caridad my littles love the compliment...

    Melissa, Chili's is a good eating experience every time!

    Kavyen, thanks for stopping by and the cross-stitch mostly takes patience as the person who did the pattern is the talent!

  15. Aloha Jackie.... Aloha Amy!!=)

    What a fun post. What I love about this post and ones like it is it shows how similar we all are no matter where we live. Chili's is definitely a hot spot with my family as well.

    =) Great post!!!

  16. You are so very right Chas! Thanks for stopping by from Hawaii!

  17. I loved seeing all these photos so I could get a taste of how you live on your side of Texas. I so wish we lived closer.

    I didn't know you cross-stitched either! I hope you'll be able to get back to it once your surgery is behind you.

    Thank you for posting. Seeing your babies brought a smile to my face--oh, and you photograph pretty good too. :o) The one with you kissing on them is so sweet.

  18. You and me both Maria, I so long to get back to my stitching.. It has been a long year and a half since picked up my last project to work on and have so many I want to do it hurts sometimes to think about it...

    I wish we lived closer too, however not sure Iko and Tank would get along with my little "pet rat" Chihuahua and know they would try to eat my cats! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by today, it was nice to hear from you when know you are very busy....

  19. Amy due to my total goofy brain and some major power issues have not made it by to thank you for having me, it was fun and let's not be such strangers.. I will be so glad when my Cataract surgery is over and I feel more like spending time on the computer so I can blog hop more often....


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