Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday 56...Sweetly (59)

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Luxe took to sleeping in my room by the third night; he makes it a habit of licking my toes while I get dressed, then trots downstairs after me as I make my way into the kitchen.


  1. Must be a dog... can think why a person would lick toes... LOL...
    Thanks for participating, I linked you up on my blog.

  2. Oh...the cover page looks scary..agree with fredamans...must be a dog or may be a cat...

  3. I hope it's a dog they're talking about.
    Here's Mine

  4. It must be a dog. The cover looks really intriguing.

  5. With everyone else...hoping it's a dog. That wouldn't go over well with me...I hate having my toes messed with. :-)

    Here's my Friday Memes:


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