Monday, July 19, 2010

Teaser Post: Upcoming Product Review: LumiSource Two-Tone Puzzotto Ottoman carries a wide array of over 200+ products including, you guessed it: dinnerware sets!

Back in June I received an email from Jamie from wondering if I'd like to do a review of one of their amazing products from one of their many sites, I jumped at the chance to something so fun! They have so many amazing sites for example;,,,, and to name a few.

For years my husband and I have been complaining about needing some kind of foot rest for those nights when the kids are finally in bed and we can relax and enjoy a movie. I found these really cool LumiSource Two-Tone Puzzotto Ottomans and just had to have one! I love the bright colors and chose the orange/black combination, but would love to have one of each, and eventually we can purchase more for our kids to play with or we can connect them together to add seating to our family room!

Stay tuned for my review of this product to come, RIGHT HERE ON MY BLOG, as soon as I receive my funky puzzle ottoman!

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