Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bookshelves Part 3:

YAY! I got another bookshelf! Well really, it is a DVD shelf that matches the taller one on the opposite side of our TV, but we don't have enough DVD's to fill it yet soooo...I commandeered it as a bookshelf! HAH! It made a 'little' more room on my other shelves, but I could still use at least two more bookshelves! And I finally got a picture of the books on my hutch up on here, although I hated taking the picture tonight because my The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong is on loan to a friend who is currently vacationing in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada, and I have no idea when she is coming home, I still really wanted to do this post! Annnnnd in case you want to see the others, not much has changed for the amount of books filling the shelves but I have re-arranged them into separate genres (Supernatural and Not-Supernatural - HAHA!), here is my first bookshelf post and my second bookshelf post!

How do you keep yourself organized? Do you separate your TBRs from your Read pile? Or are you like me and just keep everything alphabetized?


  1. Wow. Your shelves are so organized! My books are sorta just thrown onto a shelf

  2. All of those books!!! Gah... adopt me. Please. lol.

    Lets see :

    How do you keep yourself organized?

    -- Well, I'm kind of a clean freak { Think Monica off of Friends, just not so psycho-obsessive. lol. } so I litterally spend all day situating my shelfs if I get something new or decide to part with something. lol. They have to sit just right or it won't work out.

    Do you separate your TBRs from your Read pile?

    -- I don't. I just keep track in my mind of wich ones I've read and wich one's I haven't read.

    Are you like me and just keep everything alphabetized?

    -- bah! no. I'm not that obsessive. I keep them in genra, favorite authors, prettiest covers, and series. lol.

  3. AH I wish I had Book Shelfs! I have 1.5 cases.
    I am defentally taking a pick of mine after the shelf is orgnized

  4. I just check the three parts and wow that's a lot of books, Love your shelves =)


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