Monday, July 19, 2010

**GIVEAWAY** SIGNED Bookmarks of THE CRESCENT by Jordan Deen

WOW! So today in the mail I got this envelope from Jordan Deen the amazing author of The Crescent. Inside I find a bookmark personalized to me and...10 others that are signed as well! Isn't she amazing? So make sure you check out my review here to see how absolutely FABULOUS this book is! You can read the first chapter of the next book Half Moon on her website.

Ok, so because I love you all and I want everyone to love The Crescent as much as I do, I'm giving away all 10 bookmarks to 10 lucky winners!

The rules are simple: leave a comment about what you thought of my review and don't forget your email, so I can contact you! That's it! You don't have to become a follower, but I'd love it if you did! Contest ends July 23rd at 12am EST! Winners will be announced and emailed the next day!

**CANADIAN and US addresses ONLY**


  1. Lately I've been all about the werewolves, too. (I blame Maggie Stiefvater and Kelley Armstrong!)

    I hadn't heard of The Crescent before your review, but now I wants it bad! :P

    I like that even though you loved this book, you had no problem mentioning a couple of things you weren't all "Yay!" about.

    colleenmckie (at) eastlink (dot) ca

  2. I hadn't heard of it either, but the book does sound good. I'm interested to see a book about were wolves from a guy's perspective. Generally I stick to female authors, but I'm willing to try something new now and then. Loved you're review.


  3. ooooh awesome giveaway Amy! no need to enter me cause Im international hehe =))


  4. Just wanted to stop by and say hi--I'm doing Judith Graves's Crossroads tour with you (

    The Crescent sounds interesting--I'll have to check it out. Just finished Iron Daughter & wow, can't wait for the next one!! Looking forward to your posts.

  5. AWESOME, AWESOME BOOK!! I actually won this book on Jordan's website. I flew thru it...and I am actually about to re read it! Cannot wait until Half Moon is out!!
    Your review was right on!!

  6. Amy, old follower of course. Loved the July 9th review because like you am a HUGE werewolf fan and this series is very much reminding me of the Moira Rogers Red Rock book Cry Sanctuary which I got to read as a free e-book a few weeks ago on my Kindle for Mac app reader... The books premise is very intriguing for Crescent and I love the cover!!!

    The bookmark would be a wonderful addition to my other author signed swag in my scrapbook, thanks for the chance at one!

    Jordan just stated a while ago on Twitter that there is an official release date for "Half Moon" and also she is wanting bloggers to post the countdown widget on sidebars...

    jackie ^_^


  7. It's always nice to attract new readers with giveways. On my blog The Attic Find we'll be having an upcoming giveaway as well. I let you know when the details are settled.

    Anyway, on to your review... Absolutely adored it as usual. I've seen the book a few times but never picked it up. I guess it's about time I add it to my TBR, right? Love the review!

    PS: I am so JEALOUS you got to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon!!


  8. Awesome giveaway. I just ordered this book a few mins ago for my birthday on the 28th. Pretty excited. I loved your review.

  9. Count me in! I've heard of the book, but I never really bothered to pick it up. Now im definitely going to check it out. Your right! the cover is so gorgeous! Thanks for the great review:)

    angela z

  10. Absolutely love the cover of this book! Great review!


  11. Oooh, the bookmarks are really cool! Thanks for giving them away :D

    I agree with you, I think werewolves would be one of my faves to read about too! I thought your review was really good :D


  12. Oh I love bookie marks!

    Signed me up!

    Liked the review. Werewolves are the best things to walk this earth.


  13. Hey, it's JP / @jpmsull! All
    of tbe breathtaking books I've read have been from a female
    POV, because there aren't many male YA urban fantasy/paranormal authors out there, so I'm excited to read a book from a male POV! Your review makes me intrigued and strengthens my desire to read the book also!

    You can contact me at my gmail:
    or my MSN/WindowsLive, which you already have. Awesome giveaway!

  14. Just to let everyone know, the author IS female and the POV in the book is also female. I'm sorry if I in any way made it sound differently!

  15. Awesome review! I LOVE
    Count werewolves!!! Count me in for this giveaway! I have a bookmark(s) giveaway also!


  16. haha werewolves have been my main focus lately(i blame Maggie Stiefvater!) count me in for this giveaway!!!!!!!!


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