Monday, July 26, 2010

Produt Review: LumiSource Two-Tone Puzzotto Ottoman

As I had said in my previous post, I was approached by to review one of their products. And as you can see, I chose an item that has no assembly required. Out of their over 200+ products I could have chosen, I still decided that I would go with the ottoman over that bookcase that I'm sure I could have found room for somewhere! I also thought it would be fun to do something different.

My ottoman arrived on Thursday July 22nd just two days after I received my email that my product has been shipped. They definitely have great speedy service and Jamie, the representative I dealt with answered any and all questions that I threw at him.

Now the ottoman...first off, I love the bright fabric, the color is even more vibrant in real life! Over the weekend I had my four year old son just go nuts with it! He uses it as a landing strip after jumping off the couch (NO I DO NOT encourage this - I just happened to catch him in the act), he has jumped on it, rolled on it, climbed on it while it sits on its side and randomly rolls it across the room! Throughout all this the ottoman has held up wonderfully! What I really like is the fact that the black sides don't seem to pick up too much loose lint, you know black materials ALWAYS manage to pick up any pet fur (cat fur in our case) and what it does pick up wipes away fairly easy without the use of a lint roller. Even my 14 month old had fun whacking the bejezus out of it, and I have no worries about sharp corners or hard surfaces.

The ottoman is firm and can hold all 200lbs of my hubby without losing its shape or form and with NO slouching in the center. I found it to be the perfect height for comfort while sitting on my couch and even when I sit in my Ikea Poang chair it's perfect for my feet to rest on!

All in all I'd say if you were looking for a funky and functional way to accessorize your family room with the future option of creating more seating, at a reasonable price of around $60 USD, I'd recommend this ottoman to anyone, with or without kids!


  1. Haha that's cute! I've been seeing all the CSN store giveaways and reviews. I really like their vertical bookshleves. Glad you're enjoying your ottoman!

    via CEP

  2. Thats a cool ottoman. CSN has a lot of products I like but I just don't like paying the internatinal fees for Canadians.

  3. Very cute! I like your cat pic---why do they always get on the middle of things? My cat does the same thing w/my leather ottoman. Oh well, at least she doesn't scratch it.


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