Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wild Thing Anthology

Wild Thing:
New York Times bestselling authors Maggie Shayne and Marjorie M. Liu, and sizzling newcomers Alyssa Day and Meljean Brook discover the wild instinct in everyone with four all-new stories of feral heat. Fans will get swept away by the passions in the unfathomable depths of Atlantis; they'll follow the shadows that stalk both the living and the undead in a world of vampires and guardian angels; they'll enter the forbidden world of the demon horde and their willing victims; and they'll be privy to the secrets of a beautiful animal-whisperer who's drawn closer to the most suspect of all male animals -- man.

This was my first book read for Tegan's 2011 Anthology Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie Shayne's novella; it was quick paced and full of hot and steamy scenes. The second story, by Meljean Brook, honestly did nothing for me. The only reason I finished it was because of the challenge; I didn't like the characters--they just didn't pull me into their world, but that isn't to say that I'll never try her work again. Marjorie M Liu's incredible contribution to this was her initial foray into the Hunter Kiss world. I have read the three novels in this urban fantasy series, but now I know where it all began. And it just makes me love Grant that much more! The final short story, from Alyssa Day about Warriors of Poseidon; men of Atlantis, shape-shifters and vampires completely drew me in and have sparked an interest in trying more of her work.

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