Thursday, May 26, 2011


My friend Crissi, the founder of Book Club on Facebook, is in the initial steps to organizing a Book Gala or Ball of sorts in Toronto around August 2012.

The basis of the event will be:

- You will have to pay a fee of ($) TBD which will cover the cost of your ticket, entry to the event, a four or five course meal and the book signing with your favorite author(s) (authors attending TBD).

- Photographers will be on site to take your picture with your much-loved author for a small fee of $10.

- And there will be more book related stations which should be free.

- Throughout the night there would be book trailers of all the most recent releases for the authors present and some will speak about their work.

Would you be interested in attending?

If so:

- How many of you are local, within the GTA?

- How many would fly in for this event?

Please, please head over to Crissi's blog and weigh-in with your thoughts. We need to know if you are serious about supporting such a huge event!

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