Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Random Recommendation (10)

Walk of the Spirits:
When Miranda Barnes first sees the sleepy town of St. Yvette, Louisiana, with its moss-draped trees, above-ground cemeteries, and her grandfather’s creepy historic home, she realizes that life as she knew it is officially over. Almost immediately, there seems to be something cloying at her. Something lonely and sad and . . . very pressing. Even at school and in the group project she’s been thrown into, she can’t escape it. Whispers when she’s alone, shadows when no one is there to make them, and a distant pleading voice that wakes her from sleep. The other members in Miranda’s group project, especially handsome Etienne, can see that Miranda is in distress. She is beginning to understand that, like her grandfather before her, she has a special gift of communicating with spirits who still walk the town of St. Yvette. And no matter where she turns, Miranda feels bound by their whispered pleas for help . . . unless she can somehow find a way to bring them peace.

I first started reading Richie Tankersley Cusick back when I was in grade seven or eight when I discovered her book The Lifeguard, I swear I read and re-read that book so many times that I broke the binding and had to tape the poor book back together! Walk of the Spirits was first published in 2008, Richie is an amazing young adult author and I just love the story of Miranda and all her friends the second book in this series is Shadow Mirror and I can't wait for the next book to come out!

I invite and welcome anyone interested in participating to post their own "Random Recommendation" (original post) on their blog (and include a link back to this blog) and join in the fun! Some books might not be very recent reads, but I hope that just helps these (sometimes forgotten) books earn a spot on your own bookshelf!


  1. This sounds like a YA author that I need to check out, thanks Amy for the heads up!!

    jackie b central texas

  2. I can see you're a Patricia Briggs fan. Me, too. I love Mercy Thompson. To me, she has Sookie Stackhouse completely beat. Roland


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