Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red Demon by Deidre Kinght

Red Demon:
After assuming the power of life and death for the immortal Spartan brotherhood, Aristos Petrakos still hasn’t mastered his unpredictable, newfound abilities. And now a medium brings him a message from the other side—a romantic message Ari doesn’t want to hear…

A century ago, the love of Ari’s immortal life, Julianna Tiades, drowned herself in the Savannah River—after she learned about Ari’s shapeshifting abilities. Desperate to reveal the truth about her death, Julianna makes a bargain with a Djinn demon, who offers to give her physical form. But as Julianna and Ari are reunited in passion, the debt must be paid—in souls and spirits…

Red Demon by Deidre Knight is the fourth (including the ebook, Red Blooded) book in the Gods of Midnight series. I love Deidre's storytelling and her emotional and heart wrenching characters. In this book Ari is reunited with the love of his life, but she is harboring a dark secret that is a danger to all the Spartans and the Nightshades (a group of demon hunters). While they fight to save Julianna's soul from the Dinjin, they gain a new alliance with Ares' own son, Eros, when he uses his own powers to bind Julianna and Ari together for eternity. While the point of view jumps around a few times in the book, I found each one refreshing and informative in ways that you'd never gain without that change of voice. Things I adored in this book: Sophie and Sage, the Leonidas and Daphne (the Oracle) scenes and how they finally admitted their feelings to each other! Although every time things really started to happen, they would be interrupted leaving me FRUSTRATED! I can't wait to read their story! And I think one of my absolute favorite revelations in this book was the relationship between Mason and Nikos to the rest of the cadre.

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