Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shiloh Walker's The Missing Twitter/Blog Contest

Blog contest:

Just post either the widget (widget can be found on the lower section of my sidebar) or the trailer to your blog. Please note, this must be an active blog. Sorry. No facebook, myspace or twitter pages count for this-it must be an active, actual blog. However, if you have several active blogs, you can post it to both blogs, and have one entry per blog.

Once you post the trailer or widget, link back to me via this post so I can keep track of those entries.

"Blog prize will be a $50.00 GC to the online bookstore of your choice, provided I can buy a gift from there-as I’m not located outside the states, I may not be able to purchase GC to bookstores outside the states, so likely international winners will have to accept Amazon GCs."

The Tweet side:

You can enter via Twitter by following Shiloh (at http://twitter.com/shilohwalker) and posting this:

Check out @shilohwalker’s #TheMissing http://bit.ly/dgamBX

"Twitter prize: $50 GC to the online bookseller of your choice, and yep, as above, I do have to able to buy the GC from the US."

And to help keep interest going, Shiloh will be doing weekly giveaways via Twitter adding up to the final giveaway which will be the week The Missing releases (probably toward the end of the week, though). So the more people tweet the contest, the more likely they are to win something.

The weekly giveaways will consist of random things like gift certificates to iTunes, the Sony ebookstore (note, you don’t need a sony reader to buy/read their ebooks), maybe a signed book from her backlist, that sort of thing.

And yes, you can enter both the blog and the twitter contest. You can win one of the weekly giveaways and still qualify for the main prize, but if you win one main prize, you can’t win the other one.

*Please read Shiloh's contest DISCLAIMER.*

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