Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Dreaming of the Wolf:

Alicia Greiston is a no-nonsense bounty hunter determined to bring a ring of mobsters to justice. Her dogged pursuit of the crime family has forced her to avoid relationships-- any man would only become a target for retribution. Luckily, Jake Silver is more than a man, and his instincts are telling him to stop at nothing to protect her.


However, the mob isn't entirely human either, and soon Alicia must flee for her life. When Alicia and Jake's passion begins to spill over into their dreams, Jake learns he will have to do more than defend her-- he'll have to show his mate the way of the wolf.

While Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear is the eighth book in the Heart of the Wolf series, it can be read completely on its own. Characters from previous stories do make appearances, but they are integrated into the story with enough information to enjoy them, but not so much that they take over the story. I found that this was one of those books that I could quickly connect to the characters.  To be honest, the last few books in this series have seemed rather repetitive to me, but Terry came up with a fresh story that drew me in instantly. The attraction between Alicia and Jake is immediate and fierce, even though in the beginning Alicia is completely human. There is plenty of action that kept this book moving at a quick pace, and while there wasn’t much mystery to who the bad guys were, there was a strong element of danger that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Jake comes to Alicia’s rescue when a burly mobster tries to force her out of a restaurant, and their relationship starts with a bang. Despite her being human, Jake finds that he cannot resist Alicia, and when she suddenly goes missing he will stop at nothing to find her. Almost immediately Jake begins dreaming of Alicia, giving him hope that she might be his mate. Alicia is turned against her will and has trouble containing her shifts, but after a few precarious and sometimes life threatening situations she finally manages to make her way back to Jake, she brings the men who are chasing her with her.

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