Monday, March 4, 2013

Dragon Wytch by Yasmine Galenorn

Dragon Wytch:
We're the D'Artigo sisters: savvy--and sexy--operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But being half-human, half-Fae short-circuits our talents at all the wrong times. My sister Delilah shapeshifts into a tabby cat whenever she's stressed. Menolly's a vampire who's still getting the hang of being undead. And me? I'm Camille, a wicked-good witch, trying to juggle faulty magic, gorgeous men, and the demonic war in which we're embroiled. Sometimes, it's hard to know just who we can trust...

The Equinox is coming, and mayhem rules. A crown-prince unicorn offers us a legendary gift, but it vanishes. Goblins and trolls swarm the streets of Seattle. And now Smoky, the sexiest dragon alive, decides to stake his claim--on me. Overshadowing it all, the third spirit seal surfaces and Shadow Wing's after it. But I've discovered a secret that could change everything. A new power is rising--a dangerous force from the past--one that intends to restore balance to the worlds...whether we like it or not...

Unicorns, goblins, pixies and more filled this book to the brim. Dragon Wytch is the fourth book in the D'Artigo Sisters series by Yasmine Galenorn, and while Camille is not my most favorite sister of the three, I did really enjoy this story. The progression the overall story arc is added to with each new book, pulling me deeper into Yasmine’s vivid world. Yasmine used vivid imagery and fast paced scenes to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the book, and the danger and mystery kept my attention until the very last page.  I could almost feel the love that Camille has for each of her three lovers, but at the same time it is a little off-putting to me, I’m just more suited to reading about monogamous relationships I guess. I was easily able to over-look that aspect of the book and really get into this action-packed story. Camille is an interesting character that I have grown to appreciate over the past few books; she is a strong leader and always does what is right no matter the cost to her.

While trying to keep the third Spirit Seal out of the hands of the demonkin, Camille and her sisters are lured onto a non-stop path fraught with twists and turns where nothing is as it seems, and people once believed to be enemies will become allies. The Earthside courts of the Fae are about to be reborn and in order for that to happen, Camille must release the Unseelie Queen from her enchanted imprisonment. 

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