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Sundays with Sarah (16)

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Hi everyone, welcome again to another Sundays with Sarah.

Well fall is in the air and with the end of summer approaching, we will soon get a chance to see the changing of the seasons. Like some I will miss the warm open air and beautiful green grass that is summer. But I also enjoy fall just as much. September is the start of school, first day of fall around the corner and for sports fans, hockey season will soon start. October brings thanksgiving to Canada and the second best ‘day’ of the year for kids...Halloween. As November comes we remember all those who fought to give us the freedom that we cherish and Thanksgiving for our American neighbors.

So with fall approaching I share with you some of my fall poems.

Golden Sky
Photo taken by Amy Stewart

Dewdrops leave while frost arrives,
Leaves falling down against golden skies,
Shedding of trees in the autumn wind,
As the summer warmth starts to rescind,

A blanket of gold that covers the ground,
The subtle crunch of the leaving sound,
Echoing in the autumn air,
Waiting for snowy glare,

We give our thanks for life and love,
And commune with family we are proud of,
Whilst goblins and ghouls aloft can be seen,
Kid-lets in costumes celebrating Halloween,

Tears will fall for the hearts of glory,
Remember those fallen in a great ole story,
And when fall is gone to the golden sky,
We silently watch and say goodbye

Autumn Falls
Photo taken by Amy Stewart

Startling waves as the birds fly by,

Starting the beginning of an autumn sky,

Staring into fields of golden brown,

String of leaves as they all fall down,

Sting from bees making honey in hives,

Sing the songs of changes in our lives,

Sin from the turkey made for Thanksgiving,

In my heart and home I am happily living,

I am enjoying family and all, here as Autumn falls.

And my last poem which has become a favorite for many....I posted this a while back but thought I’d post again.

Playing In Leaves

The age of innocence gives way to a playful heart. Who can't resist jumping into a pile of golden leaves.  Each leaf tells a story of the summer wind as it flutters in the air. The scent of fallen leaves fills the air with an aroma of time and signals the coming cold.

When was the last time you played in the leaves, and covered yourself in the golden blankets of the change that autumn brings.  As we grow older, we forget about the simple things and the simple times of being a child. The smiles of joy that autumn brings, changes in the fall, brings changes in the hearts, of those who step into the beauty that is fall. I gaze up to the branches and stare at the falling leaves as they move like feathers as they fall to the ground. The falling leaves are autumns equivalent to the falling snow in winter. No two leaves are alike, and no two snowflakes are identical but they both move in symmetry as they fall.

A gentle flutter to the ground. I reach out to catch one in my hand.

Photo taken by Amy Stewart
Like the seasons that change, so do our hearts. It marks the passage of time and youth. Spring gives way to the birth of life, summer tells us the stories of what we are, while autumn teaches us there must be an end, for as winter approaches so does our end.  For now, I will play in the leaves, and dive into my mountain of gold, and cover myself.  I will stand and look into the trees and watch for the coming end of autumn.

And when all the leaves have fallen, I will take one last look and pile them once more, but not to play in. Instead, I will take a look at the trees and the bare branches that once held those leaves and I will smile.

Goodbye Autumn,

tree tops and bottom,

Goodbye leaves on this fall day,

knowing that you cannot stay,

Goodbye trees

and my pile of leaves,

Goodbye child who walks the mile,

all year round with a golden smile.

Goodbye harvest moon,

I will see you again soon,

Goodbye branches and my tire swing

I wait for winter and what it will bring,

Goodbye youth,

and that's the truth,

Goodbye my autumn friend,

now I wait for old year’s end,

Autumn may be gone, and wait for something new, as I stand here in my leaves waiting for you. To have a heart that still believes, come play in leaves.

The Butterfly
Photo taken by Amy Stewart

In the midst of winter a lone cocoon hangs from a barren tree. A caterpillar from old slumbers all snug and warm while the frigid cold blows all around. Like changes of the seasons, the caterpillar is going through changes of its own. Little by little the caterpillar will be no more. As winter soon ends, and the trees show their leaves, the rivers will flow and the grass will grow, and while the changes of the seasons transitioning in time, the little caterpillar will soon emerge from its cocoon. When the warm sun of spring shines down on the beautiful world of spring, and warms the cocoon the caterpillar had spent its cold winter, a beautiful winged creature merges with bright colorful wings as if a fairy had painted them on with a fine brush. The caterpillar had changed into a butterfly. Its wings unfolded and fluttered for a while and just sat there. But there was a small problem the butterfly was missing a portion of its wing.

A little girl found the butterfly sitting there and tried to help the butterfly. She held it in her had, trying to coax the butterfly to fly but no matter how much she tried the butterfly just wouldn't take off. If fact all it could do is sit there, flapping its tiny delicate wings. The little girl, feeling sorry for the butterfly took it home. She made a small garden out of some fake flowers, and a pond out of a small bowl for it to drink from. But the home she had made caused the butterfly to lay stagnant, it seemed depressed. After a while, the little girl left the butterfly alone and had forgotten about it. Then one day when she went to clean up the home she had made, thinking the butterfly had died, noticed that the butterfly was gone. As she cleaned she heard a small sound, like that of wings. The butterfly she had cared for and tried to help, was now flying on its own. It was sitting on a branch outside her window. As the girl continued to clean she had noticed a small cocoon, hanging from an ornament. And in that cocoon was a sleeping caterpillar. She had realized that the butterfly was saying 'thank you' for trying to help. So as the butterfly flew away, the little girl smiled and shed a tear.

The moral of the story: no matter how much we care about someone or something, we cannot make them fly. We can help by guiding and teaching, but not by the hand. We must all let our children learn to fly on their own, and let them go knowing they will be ok. Although the departure will be painful, we must all learn that our children need to experience some things in life on their own, and sometimes without our help if they are to learn and grow themselves.

“Child of mine, I will never do for you that which I know that you can do for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, powerful, effective creator that you have come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheer leading section. But I will not do as which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I’m always here to compliment and assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you.”

- Abraham Hicks

Anyways, I hope you all have enjoyed my poems and story. These poems are from my book “Lost In Darkness” which can be bought through Blurb HERE.

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