Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sundays with Sarah (15)

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Hello everyone again and welcome to another Sundays With Sarah. This week I am going to do a major reveal of my 2 latest books. Both these books were released as drafts before printing to some close friends and the reviews I got back were incredible. Each book is not like my usual style and I decided to go in a different direction.

I hope you find these books of interest. Let me know.

Book #1: “ANGEL FALLS”

Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Teen

“ John Shepard, your average tall dark and handsome teenager who keeps to himself and Gillian McCreedy your average high school student with straight A’s. John and Gillian go to the same school, but never notice the other. Gillian comes from an abusive dysfunctional family where her parents abused her all the time and now is forced to be the ‘parent’ of the family while her mother is never home and her step-dad is a dead beat and a drunk. John on the other hand lives alone. His family murdered and his sister laying in a coma from the attack. But what John doesn’t know is that he is also a guardian ‘angel’ in human form. John has made it his mission to help others from harm.”

This book is actually a love story of John and Gillian and how to people fraught with pain and sadness find solace and comfort in each other through their tragedies. But what Gillian doesn’t know, is that John is a real angel forbidden to fall in love.

Book #2: “Seraphina’s Goodbye”

Genre: Drama/Fiction (parts of this story was based on true events)

This book is about ‘Seraphina Busch’. Seraphina is a 11 year old girl who tragically commits suicide because she felt so alone in a world that forgot all about her and also from the abuse at the hands of her parents from the affects of parental alienation. For Seraphina’s she is caught in the middle of a battle with her parents, trying to grow up to their expectations and also trying to be the good daughter. But even children can only handle so much stress.

Macy and Seraphina were walking to school. They passed by the old Miller’s house which had burnt down last week. Seraphina wasn’t her normal cheery self. Macy looked over at her and notice she had been oddly dressed in long shirts and pants. For Seraphina this was odd as she loved to wear her dresses.

“What’s wrong?” asked Macy to Seraphina.

“Nothing...just having a bad day,” she said.

“ the way, did you ask about the field trip? Can you go?”

Seraphina let out a small tear from her left eye. She knew she wasn’t allowed to go. Macy knuckle punched Seraphina on the should...

“Race ya to school!” she said.

Seraphina clutched her arm. She didn’t want Macy to know what had happened. Her arm was still bruised from when her dad locked her in the closet while he went out drinking last night.

Anyways, I hope you all have another great week as the kids get ready for school. Take care

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