Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Betrayed by Love by Diana Palmer/The Rough and Ready Rancher by Kathie DeNosky

Betrayed by Love:
Cattle rancher Jacob Cade rarely denied himself anything—except for Kate Walker. Kate was his younger sister's best friend, and therefore off-limits. But when Kate returns to Jacob's ranch for his sister's wedding, he sees Kate with new eyes. She is older and living in the city; surely she has become much more worldly. The time for restraint is over. Kate is naive about a lot of things, but she knows what Jacob is offering, and it isn't forever. And yet she's been in love with him for as long as she can remember. If a couple of nights in his arms are all she'll ever have of him, aren't a few precious memories better than none at all? Even if that surrender breaks her heart?

The Rough and Ready Rancher:
The best man for the job was a woman?

Hotshot horse trainer "J.J." Adams yanked off a battered Stetson--and unfurled a cascade of tantalizing curls! Rancher Flint McCray needed a stallion tamer--not some curvy cowgirl infiltrating his masculine domain. But Jenna quickly proved a natural with Black Satin--and a vexation to Flint's control. The sensual awareness that roared between them monopolized Flint's mind--he had to douse this inferno of need! But first, a much-anticipated kiss... Now at passion's door, could Flint possibly keep his emotions reined in? Well, for an earth shattering night with Jenna, this cowboy would take the risk....

I read Betrayed by Love by Diana Palmer years ago, but I enjoyed revisiting those characters. The romantic tension is bursting throughout, and the animosity between the characters makes sparks fly when they come together.  
(3/5 Dragon Hearts of Love)

The Rough and Ready Rancher by Kathie DeNosky was a bonus story that captured me completely. This story had a little bit of everything; tension, danger, romance and hot cowboys. Kathie pulled me in immediately with the first meeting of the main characters: Flint and Jenna. The sexual tension between them was intense and kept me turning pages. The danger that surrounded Flint and his ranch came from a source that was close to home, and admittedly it was all cleaned up a little too easily, but it still added a mysterious edge to the story. The cast of secondary characters intrigued me as well; I would love to see more stories of those characters too. I had never heard of this author before, but I’ll definitely be trying more in the future. 
 (4/5 Dragon Hearts of Love)

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