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Power Blog Tour & Giveaway with Kristie Cook

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The “Religion” of the Soul Savers Series

I’ve been reading and watching paranormal on and off for decades. The genre is like an old friend to me, waiting patiently as I explore others but eventually come back to it. I love mythical creatures—vampires, witches and elves in the past and more recently, were-creatures, fae and angels. As I was thinking about starting to write fiction again after a 15-year hiatus, vampires were hot and so was the discussion of whether a vampire’s soul is damned.

Watching and reading about vampires growing up, they were always evil and I could believe their souls to be damned. But as “good” vampires started becoming popular, I thought more about this. Perhaps if you “gave” your soul away in exchange for eternal life, especially when it required killing other people, your soul would be damned because you basically discarded it. But what if you’re turned against your will? What if you really want to be good and struggle against the physical needs of your transformed body?

Well, I believe God is loving and forgiving, and no matter what you do, even if you kill someone, you can repent for your sins and your soul is not forever lost. It’s never too late to repent, even if it’s in your last breath, as long as you truly mean it, which only you and God know. So, I suppose, if a vampire truly repents, God would keep his or her soul.

This nugget of an idea sprouted and became an underlying premise of the Soul Savers Series, although vampires are only one of the many species in my world. The series is about those who are created or born into an evil life but they want to be good. It’s about those who are born “good” helping others, even the vilest of creatures, showing them the way to a better life. It’s about every soul having hope, regardless of past sins.

The series does have Christian elements to it, but I don’t call it religious. Religion is man-prescribed rules and in very many ways, my books break those rules. There are adult scenes and language. The whole world is about magic. Even the good vampires drink blood. All of these are against the Christian bible.

However, the series is somewhat spiritual, being based on the salvation of even the worst kinds of souls. It explores how “bad” a person can be before he or she can no longer be saved. It asks the question of how far you would go to save the souls you love and those you don’t. It accentuates love and faith and hope, not just for ourselves but also for our fellow man.

So whether we’re normal humans (“Norman” in my world) or some kind of supernatural creature, there is hope. Even the worst of us is loved. We just have to have a little faith in mankind…and beyond.

As the stakes rise, can she find her true power?

As the Amadis prepare for war, Alexis returns to Florida with orders to relax, regenerate and replenish her depleted power. But her task list quickly grows—establish a new safe house, learn the art of conversion, find her AWOL protector, help a desperate fan, and protect her son. Oh, and figure out what’s going on with her husband, whose peculiar behavior just might get them killed.

But most important of all, her primary mission: recover her stolen pendant.

The stone in the pendant not only promises hope for the Amadis future, but its unknown qualities make it a possible weapon in the wrong hands. With guidance and power from an improbable source and an unlikely ally by her side, Alexis sets out to retrieve the stone before the enemy discovers its potential for mass destruction. But when she finds herself in the Daemoni’s lair fighting for her life, all hope seems lost. Will she discover the true power she holds in time? And is it enough to save herself, her family and the Amadis?

Power, the next installment of the Soul Savers Series, takes you on a hot and edgy ride with twists and turns you’ll never see coming, leaving you breathless and once again begging for more.

About the Author:
Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle.

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  1. Thank you, Amy, for being a stop along the Power Release Tour! Good luck to everyone!

  2. "So whether we’re normal humans (“Normal” in my world) or some kind of supernatural creature, there is hope. Even the worst of us is loved. We just have to have a little faith in mankind…and beyond."
    I love this! It gives one a little bit of hope. Thanks for the great stop on the tour! Thanks for the giveaway too.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  3. This was a great stop. I like how you believe what you do and you aren't afraid to incorporate it into your books. It makes me like the books *that* much more... if possible. :)
    Thanks for the stop and giveaway! :)

  4. This is a great series - I loved Promise and Genesis! I haven't read the others yet but am looking forward to it.

  5. Looking forward to reading the series. The story line looks very interesting.


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