Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nailed by Jennifer Laurens

One girl. Two guys. Who says three's a crowd? When Mandy takes an unusual summer job-in construction-she has to prove she's just one of the guys. But she gets more than she bargains for being the only girl on the job. The mixture of hot guys, sunscreen, raw wood and testosterone proves to be an elixir she can't protect her heart from. Brooding Boston and flirty A.J. find themselves looking at Mandy as more than just a girl who holds a hammer. Mandy soon finds herself not only lost in a whirlwind of a male-dominated world, but also the center of an inadvertently "constructed" love triangle. Mandy must choose between two guys who want her heart. But what's a girl to do when she wants them both?

This is the classic love triangle type of story, only it's done with Jennifer Laurens' flare for words. Her characters are honest and well-rounded, and the romance kept me turning page after page until I had finally reached the last. Jennifer pulls you into her stories by tugging on your emotions, until it is nearly impossible to separate yourself from the book.

Mandy knows exactly what she wants in life, and if that means she has to work the summer under her brother's supervision; so be it. Geared up and ready to start working, little does she expect to be distracted by not one, but two guys. A.J., the older, more mature, all around fun-loving guy and Charlie (nicknamed Boston by Mandy), the brooding-sworn-off-women, closer to Mandy's age guy. Things begin to heat up when A.J. starts using his charismatic influence against Mandy and this bothers Boston, even though he refuses to share his thoughts with the rest of them. Mandy and A.J. build a rapport and it begins to come dangerously close to crossing the friendship line, but Mandy can't stop thinking about Boston and how she wants to heal his broken heart. Tempers flare as the tension between the three continues to rise, and Mandy must make the decision of who she truly wants to be with before things go too far.

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