Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Juniper Crescent by Tony Graff

Juniper Crescent:
Oksanya has been given the gift of a lifetime in the miraculous Isis operation, which replaced defective genes in her body with the genes of a cheetah. She can run faster and see better than everyone else in the world. Everyone else, however, is split on what to do with Oksanya. Many believe she has sold her humanity for the cure. The rest think she has improved her life and her species.

Despite the minor grammatical errors and slow pace of the book, Tony Graff created an intriguing concept that science fiction fans might enjoy. There was a little romance throughout the book and it was sweet and simple. Unfortunately, most of the characters didn't do much for me, they felt hollow and underdeveloped. I did enjoy Oksanya's character; she believed in her reasons for choosing the surgery, and didn't stray from those beliefs despite pressure to do otherwise. Tony's story follows Oksanya through her Isis surgery and the path she will choose leading her into future endeavors. The idea of using animal DNA to cure diseases was quickly turned into something much more dangerous as people begin discriminating against those who have had the surgery. The Isis patients become lost within their new-found power and life becomes dangerous for both sides.

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