Sunday, February 6, 2011

Street Game by Christine Feehan

Street Game:
For Mack McKinley and his team of GhostWalker killing machines, urban warfare is an art. But despite a hard-won knowledge of the San Francisco streets, Mack knows from experience that too many things can still go wrong. Danger was just another part of the game—and now he’s come face-to-face with a woman who can play just as tough.

She’s Jaimie, a woman with a sapphire stare so potent it can destroy a man. Years ago she and Mack had a history—volatile, erotic, and electric. Then she vanished. Now she’s walked back into Mack’s life, as a spy with more secrets than are good for her. Against all odds, she’s hooking up with Mack one more time to take on an enemy that could destroy them both, or bring them back together in one hot, no-holds-barred adrenaline rush.

Christine Feehan pulled me right into her world of urban warfare, she is a gifted writer when it comes to the paranormal realm. Her books are always filled with suspense and intrigue, but the core of the stories are always romance. And this, the eighth in the GhostWalkers series, is filled with tension and hot, steamy scenes. The action begins on the very first page and the fast pace kept me reading. Christine's world of the GhostWalkers can oft times be violent, but I found this book to be a little milder than some of her others, not that I am complaining, in fact it was a nice change of pace in the series for me. A lot of the book takes place in Jaimie's home, where Mack and his team of psychically and physically enhanced soldiers are lead to believe is a cache of black market weapons. After two years apart, both Mack and Jaimie are at a loss with seeing each other again. Jaimie has trouble dealing with the psychic backlash of violence, and in order to do his job, Mack leads a very violent life. She left the team believing she would never survive that kind of world, but the whole time she has been watched by the very people she hoped to escape. And now danger has come to her doorstep. Jaimie is reluctant to let Mack and the team protect her, afraid she might fall into the same pattern with Mack, only their feelings for one another are too strong to be denied and pushed away any longer. Mack, Jaimie and the rest of the team have to find out who wants the GhostWalkers dead, and it looks like it might be someone with very high government connections.


  1. Nice blog you have:) I love your header:)

  2. Paranormal romance, yay!! I haven't heard of this series, but I'll checking it out soon. :)


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