Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright {DNF}

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakely-Cartwright:
The body of a young girl is discovered in a field of wheat. Her flesh mutilated by telltale claw marks. The Wolf has broken the peace.

When Valerie learns that her sister has been killed by the legendary creature, she finds herself at the center of a dark mystery, one that has plagued her village for generations. It is revealed that the werewolf lives among them, and everyone in the village immediately becomes a suspect. Could her secret love Peter be behind the attacks on her town? Is it her betrothed, Henry? Or someone even closer to her?

As the men in the village hunt for the beast, Valerie turns to her grandmother for help. She gives Valerie a handmade red riding cloak, and guides her through the web of lies and deception that has held her town together for so long. Will Valerie discover the werewolf's identity before the town is ripped apart?

This is a dangerous new vision of a classic fairy tale, the happy ending could be hard to find.

When I first started this book by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright I had such high expectations and hope for this book. But after only reading 117 pages, I found that it just wasn't holding my interest. And now thanks to The Queen B and this post, I'm definitely not impressed. I didn't realize that the BOOK is based on the MOVIE, so I was expecting a finished story, as I always do when I purchase a book. Yes, I admit that their marketing scheme is really inventive, and I'm sure a lot of readers will be excited to either go to the theater or visit the website after the movie releases to finally receive the ending. But that just doesn't work for me. And it's not only this that factors into my not finishing this book, I found the writing to be flat and unemotional, and I don't really like any of the characters.

Will I ever attempt to read this book again? Yes, maybe one day. But as of right now I am so disappointed in the fact that the book truly has no ending; that it has turned me away from even trying to stick it out in hopes that the book may improve.

Here is the movie trailer, and I admit I do want to see it...but...gah, I'm just so mad about the book!


  1. I can't believe this, thanks for the heads up I won't be reading or going to see the movie. A shame because I wanted to do both.

  2. Wait, what? There's no ending? You have to go see the movie to find out the ending? What crappy marketing. What a way to alienate a chunk of your readers/viewers! But thanks for the review & heads-up. I've seen the trailer recently & it looked pretty good...Netflix!

  3. Actucally both the book and the movie were written at the same time. that's probably why it's so flat. i am still going to see the movie in theaters and read the book through. maybe i will get through it.

  4. The book is based in the movie?!


    That's the way that thing didn't work.
    Maybe one day they put the book with the real ending in the bookstores. This is the day I'll buy it!
    But I still want to see the movie. XD

    A Book and a Cupcake

  5. Are you kidding me? You have to wait until after the movie is over to read the ending? What kind of shizat is that! I definitely will not be picking this sucker up. I wanted to read it, but since it'll be exactly like the movie, I'll just go watch it.


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