Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trance by Linda Gerber

Ashlyn Greenfield has always known when bad things are going to happen. Each time that familiar tingling at the back of her neck begins, she knows what's to come a trance. She's pulled in, blindsided, an unwilling witness to a horrible upcoming event. But she's never been able to stop it not even when the vision was of her mother's fatal car accident. When soulful Jake enters Ashlyn's life, she begins having trances about another car accident. And as her trances escalate, one thing becomes clear; it's up to her to save Jake from near-certain death.

From the very beginning of this book Linda Gerber drew me right into Ashlyn’s story. The mysteries of her visions play a strong role in the book almost as if they themselves are a character. This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster and was a fast paced thriller. After the tragic death of her mother Ashlyn has become emotionally abandoned by the rest of her family, her sister, Kyra, who also suffers from visions has moved away and refuses to even speak to Ashlyn. Their father constantly hides himself in the sanctuary of his home office or is away on business trips, refusing to engage in the life he now has with his daughters. Ashlyn has become isolated and lonely with the exception of her friend Michelle, who in my opinion is the type of friend everyone needs. And then through her job at the mall, Ashlyn meets Jake, an incredible musician who is willing to work to be closer to Ashlyn, despite her fears and constant need to push him away. But as they become closer, Ashlyn discovers that he is in danger and even though she fears that he will turn away from her forever, she will have to trust him with her secret to keep him safe.

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  1. Nice review -- I still haven't bought this one, maybe I'll get it eventually. :)


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