Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Rancher by Diana Palmer

The Rancher:
Days are hot on Skylance Ranch, and the nights even hotter! New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer brings her readers back to Branntville, Texas, with Cort Brannt's story.

The heir to the Skylance Ranch empire has women gallop into his life, but the handsome lone wolf sends them just as quickly on their way until a pretty, vivacious neighbor appears on the range. Has the most eligible bachelor in Branntville met his match?

As many others have said: “Why-oh-why can’t I quit Diana Palmer?” Every time she has an upcoming new release I sit on pins and needles with anticipation. But it is always the same thing: hero (Cort) is cruel to the innocent heroine (Maddie) until suddenly he finds her beautiful and irresistible, and then he tries to make up for his cruelty, and the girl always gives in.

In The Rancher, I had extreme issues with a side character: Odalie, she was extremely cruel to Maddie in their high school years; she even put Maddie in a dangerous situation nearly causing her death. Out of jealousy, Odalie causes an accident, again nearly killing Maddie, and suddenly she is a perfect character. I understand forgiveness, but it seemed like with little to no effort she was completely forgiven of all wrong doings. I admit that I did like Maddie, I can’t explain it exactly, but she had more spunk than some of Palmer’s other heroines. And once Cort got over himself, I did enjoy the romance.

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