Friday, December 21, 2012

Forgotten Fridays (41)

I invite and welcome anyone interested to post their own Forgotten Friday and join in the fun! I feature a book that I have read and have forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Some books might recent reads and some might be older reads, but I hope this helps these (sometimes forgotten) books earn a spot on your own TBR pile!

The Red Heart of Jade by Marjorie M Liu
First Published: July 2006
Series: Dirk & Steele

Dean Campbell can see and sense things that others cannot, an extraordinary ability that drew the ex-cop to the Dirk & Steele Detective Agency, a global association of more-than-human men and women. Dean and his peers: shapeshifters, psychics, and other paranormals, are dedicated to protecting life. But there are those who live for destruction.

Now Dean's investigation into a series of unthinkable killings is calling him to Taipei, where a pattern is emerging that is more deadly than anything he could have foreseen. At the center is a power that could change the world . . . and the woman who can truly complete him: Mirabelle Lee, the girl Dean loved in his youth, the childhood sweetheart he once believed dead. Now that his heart has been reawakened, he will not lose her again. Even as the forces of an immortal evil gather to destroy them and everything they love.

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  1. I am reading one of the Dirk & Steele books right now...Shadow Touch (Elena and Artur's story). I'm intrigued by Dean's character so I'll look for this one soon. Thanks for sharing!


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