Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sundays with Sarah (21)

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Greetings everyone and welcome again to another Sundays with Sarah post.

This week my topic is a “What would you do” topic.

I came across a few situations this week where people had to make extremely tough decisions based on events that would change the lives of others forever. So I decided to do a post on this subject of what would you do in those situations. I would like to hear from you readers on the subject

Situation #1: Life for a Life

Let’s say you have a family member who isn’t doing so well and all of a sudden they collapse. Without knowing what happened you try to help them the best you can. After a while you learn that they are dying and require a transplant of a vital organ to live, but the only compatible match was yourself. Now say you are a teenager who has to make that decision to save that family members life. What would you do? Would you give your life to save your siblings life or find other means of saving them?

I have a friend who is 13 in this very same position right now and her brother is 16. And for anyone, it’s not an easy decision for anyone so for a child to consider this and to make a decision it’s not a situation that I could even fathom to comprehend. I feel deeply for my friend caught in this situation but even I wouldn’t know what to do. The world we live in today is a greedy selfish, world and for someone to consider the decision to sacrifice their own life for someone that close to them is rare to find. But as I was raised to believe that all life is precious I had to stop for a second and look at it and think...

What would I do in that situation...Honestly I don’t know. So what would you do?

I was raised a Christian and I believe God will try to find a way to heal or help. But in the mortal world we live in we also take many things in life for granted and sometimes fail to stop and think about situations for others. For my friend, I think she is courageous and was raised by fantastic parents but in the end, I would like to see all of them happy and living life to their fullest. So I digress...what would you do in this situation?

Situation #2: The Burning Building

This has been on the internet for some time as well, but the answer to this moral dilemma is not what you think. If a building was on fire, would you save 1 sibling or 5 strangers?

For many this question can be a simple one but it’s also a question on self sacrifice to an extent. Do you become selfish and save your sibling, or become selfless and save 5 strangers and the cost of your sibling. Decisions of this nature are never easy to consider. So what would you do in the end if faced with a decision like this? When dealing with a dilemma of this natures its best to think about more of the bigger picture than the immediate situation.

Situation #3: A Difference of Opinion

Your sitting in a restaurant and next to you is a gay couple with a child. The waiter comes by and is derogatory, inconsiderate and pushes his belief on them because to him he finds it sick and disgusting. Yet treats everyone else nicely. As he continues to treat the gay patrons rudely do you interfere and help the gay couple or do you just mind your business and let it continue?

I pose the dilemma because I have seen this happen. Society these days has become quite self-centered and only in a rare time will you see someone interfere and stop them from being disrespectful. Has society changed so much that we no longer consider the feelings and needs for others over what is right instead of what is easy to deal with. It’s easy to just let it go and mind your own business but what about what is right. People have many different beliefs but sometimes we use our emotions and fears control us. Sometimes what is right in life is never easy, but sometimes what could be easy is not necessarily right either. So what would you do in this situation?

Anyways, I’d love to hear from you.

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