Monday, July 25, 2011

The Trouble with Green by Liv James

The Trouble With Green:
When Josie’s earth-friendly inns get national press it seems like a good deal all around. So much of a good deal, in fact, that her architect husband gets a new gig ... on the other side of the country. And the owners of one of her best inns go missing, just days after the feature appears. And then there’s the long-forgotten Nathan Brown, whose appearance on her doorstep can only mean danger in a tall, rich and devious package. He’s nothing but trouble as Josie scrambles to keep her business ... and her marriage ... afloat.

Liv James is an author I will definitely be keeping on my radar. This book was well written and filled with suspense, but at the heart of it was a story about reconnecting, forgiveness and love. Liv's characters were well developed, but I sometimes found it hard to visualize them, I would have preferred a little more description of their physical looks. Josie is a strong, independent character and she fights the demons of her past quietly and alone, never letting those close to her fully into her heart. Jeff's character seems rather standoffish in the beginning, but when Josie needs him most--even though she doesn't realize she does--he drops everything to be by her side. The book began a little slowly, but quickly had my full attention as the danger and mystery began to surround Josie.

Josie has hidden parts of her past, and her heart, from her husband, Jeff. Suddenly her secrets are laid bare as Nathan walks back into her life again. Only Nathan is telling a slightly different story of the past than the truth that Josie knows. And having to rush across the country to help diffuse trouble at another inn, she is unable to defend herself against Nathans accusations. Angered by what he learns, Jeff is finding it hard to connect with his wife, but when he learns that Nathan has followed Josie to the other Inn, and that she is caught up in the investigation of the death of a popular heiress; he cannot stop himself from rushing to be with her. While together under the strenuous circumstances they come to a better understanding of their relationship, and the honest to goodness love they have for one another. By returning to San Fransisco, Josie has faced the ghost of her departed fiancé, and discovers it is time to move on, and time to forgive herself for an accident out of her control. Ready to keep her mind on the business at hand, Josie quickly discovers that there is more going on than meets the eye, and falls into a larger scheme concocted by Nathan in order to take possession of her Great Green Inns brand. And when she refuses to sell to him, he goes to even greater lengths to accomplish his goal by kidnapping Josie and plotting to harm her family.

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