Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (25)

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader, in which we swoon over boys in books!
(I--as in me, Amy--don't like to use commercial photos, I like to use the authors' descriptions and my imagination.)

Bennett English
Book: Butterfly by Sharon Sala
Series: N/A

He's a thirty-six year-old homicide detective. Tall, a couple of inches over six feet with tousled hair. His protective instincts kicked in the moment he saw China Brown, and although he doesn't know her, his heart breaks because of the trauma she's been through. Without any doubt, Ben knows that China is the woman he has been waiting for all his life, and will do anything to gain her trust and eventually her love.


"You cry, girl. You cry all you want, and when you're through and all this pain is nothing but a memory, I will find a way to make you smile. Do you hear me, China Brown? That's a promise from me to you."

"Your laughter is beautiful, just like you, and it makes me ache with envy, knowing I wasn't the one who made you smile. I don't know how, but one of these days you'll learn to believe in yourself."

He moved away, knowing that if he stayed this close any longer, he would be kissing her.


  1. Bennett sounds like such an incredible guy. I love that he feels her pain and is willing to wait for her.

    Do you got a new look going on here? Looks good. :)

  2. This is one of my favorites from Sharon.
    Bennett is so strong morally. He just captured my heart from the beginning.
    You can't help but feel China's pain. The strength her character shows is just amazing. From time to time I pull this book out for a comfort read(if you know what I mean). I have always been a fan of Sharon's. She is an amazing woman.

  3. That blurb sounds so angsty!! I need to start reading Sharon Sala, those quotes are so good!

  4. Very interesting pick! I love the name China Brown and this sounds like a really cool book.

  5. Awww he sounds so sweet and yet still sexy. Great pick :)

  6. What an incredible guy. He sounds sweet. So full of emotion and feeling. Beautiful. Nice pick :)

  7. Bennett sounds like an interesting man. I am a new follower. :)

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