Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Random Recommendation (32)

The Magnificent Rogue:
Kathryn Kentyre has been said to be the illegitimate daughter of Mary, Queen of Scots. For 16 years, Queen Elizabeth has kept her tucked away in the Midlands. With Mary's execution imminent, Elizabeth hits on a daft plan: she coerces the imprisoned pirate Robert MacDarren into marrying Kathryn and taking her to Craighdhu, his home in--of all places--Scotland. Kathryn, who has endured a wretched life in the home of a sadistic vicar, philosophically toddles off with Robert. En route to Scotland, the reluctant bridegroom establishes a "handfast" marriage, which he can dissolve after one year (thus disposing of his politically dangerous spouse) provided Kathryn does not bear a child. Robert's insistence on sleeping with Kathryn is illogical in light of the terms of the marriage and his wish to separate after a year. As Johansen's plot makes its desultory way through increasing romantic and political entanglements toward an ending that is more incredible than surprising, Kathryn establishes herself at Craighdhu, courageously defending her new home and family from one who would use her as a pawn in a plan to seize power.

Iris Johansen is an incredible story teller, and whether it is her romantic suspense or her historical romances, I have never been disappointed and am always well entertained. The characters are diverse and wonderful to read as their relationship grows.

I invite and welcome anyone interested in participating to post their own "Random Recommendation" (original post) on their blog (and include a link back to this blog) and join in the fun! Some books might not be very recent reads, but I hope that just helps these (sometimes forgotten) books earn a spot on your own bookshelf!


  1. Amy I did not realize Iris Johansen wrote books like this, am used to her Eve Duncan mystery thrillers....
    Political Historical is different and sounds interesting, love the time period....
    jackie >_<

  2. Oh yes - I used to read a few of her historical romances, long, long time ago. She wrote quite a few, and they were pretty well written albeit in the romance(at the time) formula (which hasn't changed that much). Reluctant bride and/or groom, marriages planned for name only and yet they end up in love...

    Iris Johansens's books were always interesting with fairly feisty females. I enjoyed them.


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