Thursday, November 11, 2010

Future Favorites (15)

Future Favorites is an awesome blog feature over at Electrifying Reviews. I post about a book that is yet-to-be-released and that I can't wait to read!

Red Mortal by Deidre Knight:
Release Date: April 5, 2011 by Signet

With quiet, unyielding strength, King Leonidas has long led his fellow immortal warriors in battle against dark forces. But when Daphne, Oracle of Delphi, confesses to having loved him from afar, Leonidas soon finds his stoic shell breaking away as he becomes enraptured with the sprightly beauty.

For centuries, Daphne has yearned to experience the simmering passion locked within Leonidas’s heart. But just as their love begins to ignite, Daphne’s half brother Ares strips Leonidas of his immortality, causing him to age at an alarming rate. Now it will be only a matter of time before Leonidas is taken from her—unless they can find a way to challenge Ares together before Leonidas meets his mortal end...and the lovers are separated for eternity.

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