Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet Us At The Crossroads Tour Day 16: Linda Joy Singleton

1. What inspired you to write Sabine 's character?

While most of my characters are based on traits of people I know, Sabine came to me from dreams. Even her name seemed already in my head, even though I considered changing it. When I write about her, she feels like a real person.

2. What was the first book you read that made you fall in love with reading (past or present writer)?

When I was in 3rd grade, I started reading mysteries like Nancy Drew. My favorite series was the Judy Bolton series by Margaret Sutton because Judy felt like a real person who would make mistakes, get mad and fall in love. She got engaged (twice) then married in the 17th book RAINBOW RIDDLE. I still love that series, and I was lucky to know the author, too.

3. What paranormal author are you currently addicted to?

I really enjoy Maria V. Synder and her POISON STUDY & SEA GLASS series. I’m also a huge fan of Suzanne Collin’s and have enjoyed her HUNGER GAMES and GREGOR books.

4. What band or artist currently tops your play list?

I like Katy Perry, Leonna Lewis, Abba (loved Mama Mia!) and Lady Gaga.

5. Do you have any projects you are currently working on that you are able to share? And can you give us a little teaser?

I have a spin-off from THE SEER starring Thorn coming out in 2011. Goth Girl Thorn reluctantly uses her psychomentry skills by touching objects to get psychic visions. Here’s part of the scene where she first meets a mysterious masked guy with a dangerous reputation at school:

I lunge for the gym door but before I can make it, Masked Guy’s gloved hand springs out. He grabs my arm and spins me around, pinning me against his chest.
“Let me go!” I squirm, kicking his leg and feeling some satisfaction when I hear him grunt in pain.
“I’ve played nice until now,” he growls. “No more.”
“Are you threatening me?”
“I never threaten.” He’s close enough to feel his hot breath on my neck and I catch a whiff of musk-cologne. “I act.”
Then he yanks my backpack from my shoulder and shoves me roughly to the ground. “You’ll find this in the dumpster by the library,” he says. “But you’d better hurry because someone else may find it first—and you know how dishonest students can be in this hellhole.”
Then he strides off away with my backpack.
I stumble to my feet, shaking with fury, and see the back of his head: the bright yellow design on his knitted mask.
A cheerful smiley face.
Mocking me.


Each day of The Crossroads Tour, a new research question will be revealed on The Crossroad Blog Tour main page, and each day the answer to that question will be found within one of the 16 different blog posts by Crossroads Tour authors. Your job is to get the question, read the blog posts, and collect all 16 answers by the end of the tour, on Halloween.

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  1. That's a great scene. I'm guessing I need to read the other books before I read this last one though. Right? Probably since it's a series.

    I have loved this tour, and I believe this is my last comment. This has given me something to look forward to every day and an excuse to hog the computer! Thanks to all the hosts and authors and to Judith for setting it up!

    Heather Rosdol


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