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Sundays with Sarah (41)

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Hi everyone, welcome to another Sundays with Sarah.

Ok, well I've been on Hiatus for quite some time. Part of it was technical as I was having issues with my computer the other part well I've also been busy with a career transition.

Last time I posted I was going to complete my trip back to Alberta, but the trip back wasn't as eventful as going to Ontario.

So this post I will be dealing with some new stuff and maybe hopefully over the winter will start a new theme for my posts.

This week's topic: Traditions and Holidays

Are you one of those individuals who goes "all out" when certain holidays come around? Like Thanksgiving, or Halloween, or Easter and Christmas? Or are you a person who simple enjoys spending it with others.

Many people are in both situations. Some host while others just attend and while each to their own, have traditions with specific holidays diminished due to a chaotic world we live in? Or have some traditions been able to continue?

I know in my own family, we no longer celebrate family traditions, well at least I don't. See I'm always left out of the family when it comes to celebrating family events, primarily because I'm the only one in my family that is still single. Even around Christmas I'm usually left out. (Which is probably why I hate Christmas). But many families now a days don’t really spend much time together as most are so busy with work, travel and other matters that I believe we are all starting to lose the meaning of those holiday traditions. 

New Year Eve/Day

How do you celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next? Some go out to special festivals with family, friends or colleagues and ring in the New Year with lots of fanfare and joy. Welcoming in a new year of hope, prosperity, and joy. But did you know that those who are single, without children and graveyard workers tend to be more stressed around New years eve/day? There are more suicides per year on that particular event than any other time in the year. Christmas comes in second. I have YET to celebrate the New Year as I don't see it as a celebration of new things to come, but as a continuance of the old that I can't seem to get rid of.

But still when we think about traditions for New Years, we all think about the parties, the singing and fireworks to ring in the New Year that comes.

What are some of your traditions for New Years?

Valentine's Day

Ok ya'll, pucker those lips and give someone a kiss! Or maybe not. Valentine's Day was actually named after St. Valentine who got his head chopped off. Doesn't really sound a lot like love does it.

But when Valentine's Day comes around it's supposed to be a day about love, romance, and intimacy and being with the special one you love...or is it?

Valentine's day is the one day out of the year where there are the most affairs taking place, the day with statistically the most sexually active couples and most of all, the one day where more divorces also takes place than weddings. So how can we call Valentine’s Day a day of love when it's more a day of war, hate and fake love. I might be subjective to this day, but then again, I've never liked Valentine’s Day.

St. Patty's Day

Oh what the hell, Dress in green, become a leprechaun, or get pissed drunk cause this is the day the Irish take over and trust me, they will kick anyone in drinking. But for most on this day, it's all about superstition, good luck and plenty of green beer (for adults).


Easter has its own traditions but for most the true meaning has been lost for years. We all know Easter is about when Jesus Christ died and rose again. For Christians, this is a holy holiday. The Easter story is well told and I am sure that even non-Christians know the meaning of Easter. Most families will get together around the table and have an Easter feast. With some similarities to thanksgiving Easter is more than just turkey but it's also the year that kids love third to Christmas and their birthdays. It's the day, they can hunt for Easter eggs that come out of a big fat bunny's ass. And we wonder how "chocolate" is considered...hmmmm


For both Canada and the United States, Thanksgiving is loaded with tons of traditions. Rarely though do we see people going all out for this day where turkey coma's happen more and more frequently. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about togetherness, peace and what we are all thankful for. Thanksgiving is also the time when the wonderful beverage of Eggnog comes around. Although most people now a day celebrates this interesting year, for others, Thanksgiving marks hard times ahead for those less fortunate. Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving see the most homeless to food stations and kitchens, than any other holidays. So what do you have to be thankful for...well find something and try not to work.


Alright if people want to see something scary, picture your worst enemy in bed with you...No? Not scary enough...ok well wait till government actually does something. That's scary.

But I'm also kidding. Halloween is more than the tricks and the treats; it's about celebrating the day of All Hallows Eve, or also known as the witches Holiday. Kids and Adults dress up as monsters, ghouls, and many other scary things (like the opposite sex or even a politician or even Justin Beiber twerking with Miley) Halloween is the one holiday where we can be someone we are not. I've always loved Halloween because when I was little I used to scare the shit out of kids so bad they would run away crying - mind you I did that deliberately just so I didn't have to give out much candy and horde it all to myself later.

Halloween is awesome but for all the kids - just make sure you follow all the safety rules and DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FROM STRANGERS (oh wait, that defeats the purpose of trick or treating - )



Ok, for those who don't know, Christmas is the never ending season of commercial greed, and manipulation. Although the true meaning is to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth in Bethlehem, it is also the most shopped season of the year, next to Black Friday in the states. Christmas traditions are usually very elaborate in many households. From all the decorations, the tree, the caroling, the eggnog, the parties and festivities...Christmas is supposed to be one of the craziest and most boisterous seasons of the year.

I hate Christmas for the sole fact that I tend to spend every year alone and I'm usually never invited anywhere. Only once did I ever host Christmas for 20 of my closest friends (and only 4 that showed up), even with Family, Christmas has always been hell. My family tradition is to go to my brothers’ place, eat food, get ignored all night and just end up leaving while no one notices until the next day. But in my family we celebrate on the 24th not the 25th. Christmas for me has always been depressing because I am single. Christmas is also one of the most tragic seasons because there are more suicides at Christmas than at any other time and most of them from single, divorced, males.

But for those with families, Christmas is also the best time of the year.

The tradition of Christmas has now become so clouded that the meaning of what it represents has been lost. The value's are skewed and most of the time, people simply do not care.

But despite some negativity in my post about holiday's and yes I left some out, there is one traditions for everyone that happens, and that is the traditions of just simply relaxing.

Take care, everyone!

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