Sunday, October 14, 2012

Destiny Theory (ARC) by Sarah King

Destiny Theory:
The story is about Sabrina Perkins, a simple woman with a big problem, she has the ability to see into the future with her dreams. The story is about how she used to be this simple girl who now has to face a hidden destiny where she possesses the spirit of Gaia and meets Ravencroft, a man who holds the spirit of Thoth and Egyptian god of power and knowledge. As she discovers more and more about who she is she struggles to keep her humanity in check. As a person who keeps going through rough times in her life, Sabrina is an alcoholic who uses the bottle to escape the pain of her world. When Sabrina realizes and accepts who and what she is in the end, the climax also helps her heal from childhood pain. Now with the power of a god, she has the choice to use it for good, or evil. As the old adage goes: "Absolute Power Corrupts," does she let the power corrupt her or does she overcome the corruptive nature of the power. We all choose our destiny but in theory, sometimes we have to accept that it isn’t where it normally leads too.

Destiny Theory by Sarah King was definitely a different kind of read for me. I took me a little while to acclimatize myself to her writing style. Sarah wrote this book in a dialogue-style format, so it’s more like a script than just your usual narrative-style book. The mix of cultures and mythological lore, gods and goddesses was what truly drew me into this story. Sarah hops around a bit with dream sequences and memory flashbacks, and it gives the reader great insight into the main character. The main character, Sabrina, was a little hard to connect to at times though, and I felt there was no true resolution to one of her major personal problems. But for the most part, she was honest and brave because she fought for what she believed in. When Sabrina meets a mysterious man named Ravencroft, he offers her a better job; and she hesitantly jumps at the chance at a new beginning. But soon she discovers that things are not exactly as they seem. Ravencroft has discovered that Sabrina has the power to make her dreams come true, but they are becoming destructive and many people are dying. Ravencroft is a true psychopath; with powers beyond comprehension, and he will stop at nothing to bring about the new “Golden Age,” where he is ruler of the Earth and Sabrina is at his side.


  1. Hi, I have been following Sarah for a bit with her writing. I purchased a copy of the book and was floored at the creativity of such a writer. The book was incredible for a short story/novella. I was fascinated with the protagonist and how the book ended. I cannot wait to read the main story line. Do you know when it will come out?

    Awesome Work!

    Leslie Burke

  2. I've known Sarah for years, even before she made it big (and congrats on the Emmy win) I know that when she writes something, many people read it. I bought her book yesterday and was impressed with her latest book. I can relate personally with the Character Sabrina as parts of her life have similarity to my own. Another great book. But when are you finishing the rest of the books? Are you going to also post your autobiography?


  3. Carissa "Kissa" Steele the facebook junkieOctober 14, 2012 at 3:10 PM

    AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MORE!!!!!!

    The story was very cool and I really loved how she ended the book but what was with the rabbits?

    Does Sarah have other books?

    Cuddos Sarah - LUV U!

  4. Hi All, thanks for your kind words, I'm pleased that people have been reading it and like it.

    The main story for the book is not due out till next year. I wrote the story arc as the character was a bit more well interesting. It was a quick write and also fits into the main story line fairly well.

    My autobiography will be out in a few weeks.

    The rabbits are my trademark signature. I collect rabbits and they are special as they remind me of my lost daughter Hailey.

    I have plenty of other books. msg me for more details personally


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