Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Apocalypse Tour Came to Barrie!

It's the End of the World - Let's Read! Ontario authors Leah Bobet, Megan Crewe, Lesley Livingston, Maureen McGowan and Cheryl Rainfield (unfortunately Courtney Summers could not make this stop on the tour) shared their recent apocalyptic and dystopian teen novels.

Sorry for the blurry image!  My camera decided a flash was not needed!

It was wonderful to meet and listen to all of these amazing authors! I could not find a babysitter so my boys got dragged along with me, and these wonderful ladies were so kind and patient when Caden and Liam began to get impatient with the idea of sitting still for such a long time!

Swag Lesley received from one of her foreign publishers (sorry it has slipped my mind who she mentioned)!

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