Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Book Boyfriend (93)

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader and co-hosted by Lesley of My Keeper Shelf, in which we swoon over boys in books!

Jack Norton
Book: Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan
Series: GhostWalkers

He’s a genetically enhanced, psychic soldier. Deep scars and burns mark his chest, shoulders and taut belly. His facial features seem carved out of stone; he’s handsome in a masculine, chiseled sort of way. Broad shoulders, powerful arms, narrow hips, and built with massive upper body strength and well defined muscle.  Deep grey eyes and a restless gaze that comes from years of fighting behind enemy lines.


“Jebediah.” Jack’s voice cut in, his tone very low, almost purring. “You talk to her like that again around me and I’m going to rip out your heart. We clear on that?”

Briony’s heart jumped at the threat. Coming from anyone else, it would have been melodramatic, but Jack sounded like he meant it. His tone was mild, he hadn’t raised his voice; in fact he hadn’t even sat up, one arm was still slung over his eyes, but something in his ultrarelaxed posture seemed deceptive—as if inside he was coiled like a snake, ready to strike at any moment. She had never in her life met anyone so casual about violence.

Jack looked at her over the top of the cup, his eyes meeting hers, a sudden raw intensity turning the deep grey of his eyes to a liquid silver. “I would have accommodated you had you asked.”

“Briony, stop,” Jack ordered. His hand curved around her neck, fingers working to massage the tension out of her. “It’s my child too. I want you here. I want the baby here. I’ll teach you the things you need, and after the baby is born, we’ll both protect him together.”

Her heart jumped, but she wasn’t ready to hope again. “Why do you think it’s a boy?”

“Because my heart couldn’t take a girl. Can you imagine some boy trying to date my daughter? I’d be sharpening my knives when he came calling.”

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