Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout

Queene of Light:
In a time not long from now, the veil between fantasy and reality is ripped asunder--creatures of myth and fairy tale spill into the mortal world. Enchanted yet horrified, humans force the magical beings Underground, to colonize the sewers and abandoned subway tunnels beneath their glittering cities. But even magic folk cannot dwell in harmony, and soon two Worlds emerge: the Lightworld, home to faeries, dragons and dwarves; and the Darkworld, where vampires, werewolves, angels and demons lurk.

Now, in the dank and shadowy place between Lightworld and Darkworld, a transformation is about to begin....

Ayla, a half faery, half human assassin, is stalked by Malachi, a Death Angel tasked with harvesting mortal souls. They clash. Immortality evaporates, forging a bond neither may survive. And in the face of unbridled ambitions and untested loyalties, an ominous prophecy is revealed that will shake the Worlds.

First in the Lightworld/Darkworld trilogy by Jennifer Armintrout; Queene of Light took me into a whole new world of the Fae. I enjoyed the vivid storytelling and intricate world building; there was a lot if information forced on me in the beginning of the book, and it honestly wasn’t until I hit the midway point that I really got into the story. For the most part I did enjoy the characters, although I sometimes found myself hoping for more. Jennifer managed to scratch the surface of these wonderful characters, but I would have loved it if she dug a little deeper. There were a few things that left me questioning the story as well, but the romance between Ayla and Malachi was fast and packed with tension. I loved how they had to fight to be together, because it made me appreciate their relationship more. This book had an excellent villain, a person Ayla once thought she could trust; one you could thoroughly and completely dislike for the roadblocks and danger he puts in Ayla’s path concerning her future. There wasn’t enough mystery and danger throughout the story to truly keep my interest, but even so, I can see myself picking up the other two books in the future, but for now I think I’m going to set this series aside.

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