Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Book Boyfriend (89)

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader and co-hosted by Lesley of My Keeper Shelf, in which we swoon over boys in books!

A.K.A. Boston
Nailed by Jennifer Laurens
Series: N/A

He’s in his early twenties with intense, deep brown eyes and hair the same rich chocolate color of his eyes, he has a firm, wide mouth and a beautiful smile. Sun bronzed skin, absolutely ripped abs and a muscular body from many hours of working construction sites. He’s not the type of guy to throw caution to the wind and has dreams of doing more with his life than just constructionHe got burned pretty bad by his last girlfriend and took a vow to stay away from women for a while, only one young woman gets under his skin and when it looks like he might have some competition, he proves himself to be the right man for her.


His dark eyes locked on her as she sat, arms stretched out along the rim of the [truck] bed. He lifted the bill of his cap in a gesture of good-bye that sent a nice tickle through her blood.

“So you’re giving yourself a break. I still think that’s a smart idea. Wounds need time to heal.” She heard him sigh and looked over in time to see frustration on his face. “Something wrong?”

He squinted, looking at the vacant lots as they drove by. “Yeah. Actually, there is.”

“Having second thoughts about her?”

He shook his head, still not meeting her gaze. “No. That’ll never be a problem again.”

“Wow, must have been pretty nasty. I’m sorry.”

When he looked at her, it wasn’t with anything but truth. “I can tell that about you. I appreciate the honesty.”

“Is it work? I can talk to Marc—”

“I don’t think I can keep my vow.”

Mandy’s eyes opened wide just as the truck pulled to a stop. Dust blew up around the wheels, and circled in the air. She heard the doors of the cab open, but her gaze was fixed on Boston’s face. There was no disguising what she saw coloring his eyes a deep, sober black, drawing his jaw into a knot. But he heart refused to believe it.

Boston stormed from the door and in two long strides was against her. His hands, warm and firm, cupped her cheeks and in the next thing she knew, his damp lips were on hers. Fire shot from her head to her shaking knees.

Just as fast as he’d grabbed her, he released her, and stood back, dark eyes locked on hers, a fast pant in his chest.

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  1. Awwww I love this story. It's so fun to re-read tid bits! I'm glad Boston's made an impression! x x Jennifer


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