Thursday, October 25, 2012

Forgiven by Janet Fox

Kula Baker never expected to find herself on the streets of San Francisco, alone but for a letter of introduction. Though she has come to the city to save her father from a cruel fate, Kula soon finds herself swept up in a world of art and elegance - a world she hardly dared dream of back in Montana, where she was no more than the daughter of an outlaw. And then there is the handsome David Wong, whose smiling eyes and soft-spoken manner have an uncanny way of breaking through Kula's carefully crafted reserve. Yet when disaster strikes and the wreckage threatens all she holds dear, Kula realizes that only by unlocking her heart can she begin to carve a new future for herself.

Forgiven by Janet Fox is a companion book to Faithful, and unfortunately I found it to be rather disappointing in comparison. The story started out strong, with Kula being a strong, fierce character; she journeys far from all that is familiar in order to save her father from the accusation of a crime he didn’t commit. But shortly into the novel, the story becomes bogged down with less interesting events. While the writing was beautiful, I found the main character: Kula, to be selfish and greedy. All she can think about is bettering her station in life, and her need to free her father falls to the wayside as she pursues her own dreams. For me, there wasn’t enough romance and mystery to really keep my attention and I found it hard to finish this book. Janet really tugs strongly on your heartstrings near the end of the story, and it concludes with complete resolution and no left over questions about Kula’s future.

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