Friday, July 6, 2012

Indigo Blue by Catherine Anderson

Indigo Blue:
Torn between the white and Comanche worlds of her parents, Indigo Wolf has grown up estranged from townspeople of Wolf's Landing, Oregon. No decent woman calls her a friend, and no man understands her strange, elusive spirit --- until rugged Jake Rand comes to town.

Jake offers to act as foreman of the family mine after a series of mysterious accidents have left Indigo's father seriously injured. But Jake's real motives are as secret as his true identity, and as personal as his growing attraction to Indigo. When Indigo and Jake are unfairly compromised, Indigo's sense of betrayal hardens into a wariness of Jake's tenderness and suspicion of his intentions. Will Jake's patient efforts to win over the outwardly rebellious, inwardly vulnerable Indigo be enough to break through her loving heart? Or will a devious villain's attempt to sabotage the mine also endangered their future together?

After reading the first two books in this series I was excited to see how Catherine Anderson would continue the story through the children of Loretta and Hunter (Comanche Moon). I loved both main characters, their strengths and their weaknesses made them the perfect match. I did find the beginning of the book to be rather slow, but by the third or fourth chapter the pace of the story really picked up. The romance was endearing and the sexual tension was hot. Catherine’s vivid imagination pulled me right into the pages; there were times that I felt I was living alongside the characters.

At the tender age of thirteen, Indigo was brutally attacked by a group of men, and ever since she has seen herself as less than worthy of affection. She built up walls to protect herself, but they come crumbling down when she meets Jake, and that frightens her more than anything. Jake is a man that believes a woman has no place doing a man’s work, ever since the death of his mother he has despised the thought of a woman getting hurt. But Indigo is a young woman raised in the mountains of a small mining town, and her Comanche heritage prompts her to run wild. An unfortunate situation has Indigo and Jake trapped in a cabin alone all night, and in order to save her reputation Jake marries Indigo and their lives are forever changed.

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