Monday, July 9, 2012

Air by J.D. Richard {DNF}

Prepare to feast your mind on the death defying, thrilling, and unexpected! Smarty and Speedy are two boys in the wrong place at the wrong time. They become the unwitting executors of a supernatural artisan's estate. Consequently, the two must flee in terror for their lives from a threat that is set upon them--which they cannot see or touch. Three years later Essie, a runaway, balks at inheriting her cousin's three-year-old son. She is sure that the way to deliverance from her drifter existence lies in attending the prestigious Mann University. Yet, the seemingly ordinary child, with an aura in the magic rings around his neck, and his insightful German shepherd protector defy that logic.

Unfortunately, Air by J.D. Richard simply did not hold my interest. I could not even say for sure what age group this book was intended for. The writing felt choppy, and, to me, the story jumped all over the place, but I admit that I could not make it past roughly 80 pages. I even tried putting the book down for a little while and coming back to it, but alas, I still found myself almost dreading to turn the next page. I was confused by the beginning of the story. And the reasons behind the events witnessed by Smarty and Speedy made little sense to me. I also had a hard time connecting to any of the characters. But just because this book was not for me, does not mean that someone else may love it, in fact, there are a few very positive reviews out there and it was just unfortunate that I could not delve into this story the way I was hoping to.

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