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Sundays with Sarah (5)

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Welcome everyone once again to ‘Sundays with Sarah’ where I’m your guest blogger. This week I want to talk about how music can affect and or inspire a writers creativity when writing. Before I went deaf, I was a hard core music lover. I would listen day in and day out to music and even used certain genre’s to help me write my books.

A long time ago, I used to play piano and was involved in my school’s band. Later I went on to taking composition and created what some have said as “incredible pieces of music”. My mood assisted me in creating pieces that reflect how I felt, but at the same time what I saw in the world. I later used both my music and other types to help me with my writing. Its funny because, I can write all kinds of music, but I still haven’t been able to write music to put lyrics to and as a writer, I can write poetry but none of it can be put to music.

But back to my main topic and that is how does music influence what I write. Different types of music can create an atmosphere in a specific spot of writing. For example if I am stuck thinking of my next scene in my books, I would look at the scene, say for example a dark and mysterious segment and I would find music to fit that part of the scene. Sort of how a soundtrack accompanies a scene in a movie. I would then listen to that piece over and over again until I came up with the dialog. Being able to understand how script dialog works and convert to a storyline also helps as with my experiences in film, television and theater, allow me to create a scene or chapter in a book based off of the music that inspires me.

Now I have 4 pieces of music of mine that I will share with you and to which I have written a small scene to accompany the music. Each piece also is part of books I am in the midst of writing.

Book: “Fallen” (abridged excerpt)
Genre(s): Supernatural, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy
Music: “On Valkyrie Wings” (click the title to open new window)

“A gasp came from John’s mouth. John stood there, with a look of disbelief in his eyes, his face frozen like a statue. He couldn’t believe what was happening to Jessica. Within moments her body started to shimmer and glow, Jessica began to levitate in the air, swirls of light and shimmer of sparkles surrounded her like a tornado with debris, others around her stood back in amazement and awe. And then before everyone eyes, Jessica began to change. The light that came from around her light up the night creating a blinding white light. She rose up higher till she was about fifty feet off the ground. John stood back and just watched, and ordered his men to stand back to give her space. The dark men in military fatigues raised their weapons getting ready to take aim and fire on Jessica. They didn’t understand what was about to happen and perceived this strange phenomenon as hostile. The militia commander ordered his men to not fire. Just then Jessica glowed with such a blinding white brilliance, glitter and warm light came from where she was floating. Gigantic bright wings like a dove came from her back, her hair shone a bright white, and oddly, a prehensile tail. Her feet looked like a felines and her eyes, a bright sparkling blue, and she looked as if she was ten years younger...and after she had changed she floated gently back to the ground. She was transformed, into a human angel like creature.”

Book: “Destiny Theory” (abridged excerpt)
Genre(s): Romance, Mystery, Fantasy
Music: “Calm After The Storm” (click the title to open new window)

“The sun was setting on another perfect day, the waves were crashing on the shore, the sunset was lighting up the sky in a dazzling orange glow while a fire was crackling on the beach. Jude walked Allison who was blindfolded to a blanket by the fire. Fruit and sandwiches with cheese and crackers were laid out with a bottle of champagne on ice. He had made her a romantic late night picnic. Jude had felt guilty for always stranding Allison for work and this was his way of trying to make things up. He helped take the blindfold off of Allison. A tear trickled down her cheek and she looked over at Jude. Jude was already down on one knee begging Allison for forgiveness for the trouble head had previously caused. His hand reached for hers and with a soft voice he had asked her to marry him. She looked at the ring he had taken out of a small velvet box and of course said “yes”.  

Book: “Chimera” (abridged excerpt)
Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Music: “A New Hope” (click the title to open new window)

“Kammie sat in her rounded window alcove and leaned her head on the window while cuddling her favorite teddy bear. A small tear fell from her face and a quiet sob could be heard. It was raining outside, and the sky was very grey and dismal. It was a sad day as she learned that her family had just been killed in a car accident a few hours ago and now she was all alone. As she sat there a small light came from across her room, the door had cracked open and Nate, her boyfriend from school was standing in the hallway looking on. He had just heard the news and came rushing over to her house. Nate sat down with Kammie and embraced her as she just cried while holding her teddy bear. Nate tried to console her. He had exclaimed that she will not be alone. As Kammie got up to walk out with Nate, she left her teddy bear behind. A subtle ray of sunshine shone on her teddy bear, as her parents watched down from heaven”

Book: “Risen: Book 2” (abridged excerpt) – Sequel to “Fallen”
Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Music: “Wings of the Wind” (click the title to open new window)

“Aron, a servant of Ren dug up an ornate box from the excavation site and noticed odd markings. This was the first find in the area behind the castle that they were doing an archaeological dig. Ren was waiting in his study and Aron came running in with the ornate box. Ren grabbed the box and brushed off caked on mud and dirt and did his best not to damage the box in anyway. He used a small pry tool to pick the lock on the box. As both Aron and Ren slowly looked in the box to find what it was, Aron was gasping at this incredible piece of jewelry that was in the box. Ren looked in shock at the necklace with its main jewel intact and recognized it. This was the same necklace he had given Jessica, but couldn’t understand how it would end up where it did. And then he knew. He had finally figured it out and his face lit up with a huge smile. He looked at Aron and said. “Miracles do happen”.

Anyways, if you both read the excerpts and listened you can see how music can affect ones writing and what is written. I asked for help from my friends as well in picking the selections as well, and the reasons for each piece. Music can help convey hope, and love, as well as pain and sorrow. But like most books, music too has a happy ending.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Sunday with Sarah and I hope you will post a comment as well. Let me know what pieces of music you listen to that inspires you whether it is for writing or for some sort of other creative means.

Thanks for joining me.

Plus...come by tomorrow Monday June 4th to see the cover reveal for Destiny Theory!


  1. Where can someone order your books from? They all seem very interesting to read.

  2. through Blurb Publishing


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