Monday, June 4, 2012

Destiny Theory Cover Reveal

Destiny Theory by Sarah King

What would you do if you started having flashes of events that haven’t happened or are about to happen and have the ability to change those events? For Jude, his dreams are more than just dreams but visions of events that will change the face of history, except he just doesn’t know it yet. Jude has the ability of precognition, the ability to see events before they occur, but in his case, also of events from the past that he can change without changing the grand design. But in the end will his dreams control him, or can he literally change the grand design of destiny.

Destiny Theory is a story about Jude Martin, a simple, ordinary and uninteresting man whose life is about to change. Jude struggles with his relationship with Allison, the love of his life, his best friend who is smarter than Einstein but drunker than a skunk and his ability to alter the world without anyone really knowing it. Jude learns the ability to not just see outcomes of events, but also how a simple man can change the lives of others by changing their destiny.

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